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Westglow Resort & Spa Awards Design Contract to AppNet

Westglow Resort & Spa is one of the world’s top ranked destination spas and they announced on September 23rd, 2014 that they have awarded AppNet New Media as their new web design, development and internet marketing contract. “We are proud to earn their business. We know that they went through a rigorous process to come […]


Mobile Website Traffic 2014

IF YOUR WEBSITE ISN’T MOBILE FRIENDLY, YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERSTOP REASONS YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE SHOULD BE MOBILE OPTIMIZEDThese are probably two of the top ten most blogged subjects on the internet right now when it comes to related content about SEO, WEBSITE VISITATION, etc. The numbers are “all over the place” in terms of how […]

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search engine ranking scams

OH NO! WE’RE NOT TOP RANKED FOR “FLORISTS IN FLORENCE”…OH NO! WE’RE NOT TOP RANKED FOR “FLORISTS IN FLORENCE”…Rarely a day goes by that we don’t receive emails from so-called “seo pros” about how much they love our website – but also just how badly it’s doing on the search engines. We work with more […]


How Can I Get My Website Ranked on Top of Google?

There are ONLY TWO WAYS to maintain Top Rankings on GoogleI’m going to go against all of the recent marketing trends with today’s post. If you are searching Google for things like:1. I need top search engine rankings.2. How can I get my website ranked at the top of Google?3. I want my website to […]

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The TOP 50 Most Searched For Terms Recently on Google

The TOP 50 Most Searched For Terms Recently on GoogleBefore anyone jumps on me, let me state that these are the most searched GLOBAL keywords during February 2014. …and NO, Kim didn’t make the cut. Neither did Kate Upton. Justin Bieber did. As I was looking at the list of top keywords for February a […]

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SEO Fitness

Search Engine Optimization is kind of like education, it’s a life long process. That may sound a bit overwhelming, but it’s really only logical. Nothing ever stands still, especially the internet. Does it make sense that you can do some one-time SEO work that gets you good rankings and expect those rankings to hold up […]