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2018 Sales Presentation – Moving Towards the Close

This step is assuming that you’ve had a good conversation and you’ve strategized the quote and now you’re moving in to close the sale. However, all you’ve really done to this point is really just offer a good proposal and hopefully shown some difference in Appnet in that we don’t just pull quotes out of thin air. However, you really haven’t sold them on “WHY APPNET” or “why you”…so this is where you move towards the close.

________, hopefully you can see a little bit of a glimpse of how we operate more openly and realistically in providing a good estimate of cost. However, we bring so much more to the table. I know we’d be a great fit and that you and I, and our team would work really well together. However, I realize that you don’t know that yet. To that end, let me share my “two minute pitch” as to how we are your best choice.

First, as you know people just don’t buy anything without checking out the reviews. If you took a moment to check out our profile on Thumbtack, we actually have been reviewed more than 135 reviews, which is more than all of the other firms who responded to you – combined. Even so, we are also what Thumbtack themselves rates as the #1 web design company. We have a 4.8 rating out of 5 stars. We are also the most hired with more than 409 hires…again more than all the other firms combined.

Also talk is cheap, but no other firm can tell you that they rank number one on Google for helping clients get their websites ranked on top of Google. Only one firm ranks at the top and that is Appnet. If you search Google from anywhere in North America for things like ‘Guaranteed search engine ranking’ or ‘top ten search engine ranking’ and many more…you’ll see that we rank in the top three for those and many other search terms and we don’t spend one penny to get that ranking.

…and I really think our most impressive asset is our staff. We’ve been in the web design business for 23 years and we are a 16 person staff. Too often smaller, one or two man shops just can’t perform the work needed and once they have more than 4-5 clients, they can’t keep up and communication breaks down. With huge firms it is often a crap shoot as to whether you’ll get someone on the phone who can speak intelligently or clearly in answering your needs. You’ll never get the same person on the phone twice and you have to explain your needs everytime you call. With Appnet we’re large enough to handle any size project and yet small enough to provide you with the kind of personal communication that our clients expect. You may rarely need us, but when you call the office you’ll learn who Lauren, Lisa, Tiffany and other members of our staff are. They will know who you are and be able to speak intelligently about your website.

____________ with that in mind, I’d love to work with you and your design job is right in our wheelhouse. I think that you and I have already shown that we can communicate well together – and by the way, that isn’t going to stop when you leave my desk.

With all of this in mind, I’d love to get a thumbs up and get things moving. What do you think?

They MAY say YES immediately. However most of the time, you’ll get some form of “objection” or “delay”. It may sound legit and it might be to some degree. Maybe they didn’t plan on moving forward so quickly and easily. Maybe they are not surprised by the price, but maybe they are not prepared yet to pay. We often have people “SOLD” but we can’t get them to commit and sometimes it is about money…no matter how reasonable our quote is. You are better off to find that out NOW, rather than burning a lot time trying to get back in touch with them via phone and email. The best way to do that is to simply ask for the sale and then speculate about how that might need to pay for the work. Maybe they’d love to get going, but have NO money. Maybe they would work with us within some sort of payment plan. Maybe, they are just scared or hesitant about moving forward. If you get some measure of hesitation, try this:

_____________ let me ask you a question. I think I’ve shown you how Appnet is the number one ranked and most experienced team to develop your website. I’m not saying we’re the cheapest, but for one moment, let’s assume that I can meet whatever price point you’re comfortable spending – would you choose us?