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2018 Sales Presentation – New Website Pitch – Shared Details

Semi rarely the prospect will share that they need a NEW WEBSITE and they will provide pretty good details. They might even share specific page content, the need for eCommerce, etc. When this happens you can get a pretty good idea for a quote. Be ready to share pricing.

Good on YOU ____________. To be honest, most of our new clients have no clue as to what pages or specifics that they need. So you’ve obviously thought things through and done your homework.

As with any design project, there are tons of options and with that, differe



I don’t know if you’ve had an opportunity to speak with any other designers yet, but I want to point out that there was very little that you shared that any designer (me included) can attach a price to. Things like sharp or polished, simple and professional are not things that cost you. What costs are things like pages, functionality, ecommerce and things like that.

So lets try to strategize more of what you might be looking for. Obviously every website has a HOME PAGE, and you’ll probably want an ABOUT US page and a CONTACT page. I’m sure you want to talk a bit or more about your services or what you have to offer in terms of areas of expertise or product line, etc.

What else…

At this point you should be making notes for what they shared and you should be kind of mapping out what the navigation and tabs might be. You should be able to kind of narrow in on a rough-to-firm estimate of costs.

Converse and carry the conversation and then…


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