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2018 Sales Presentation – They’ve Spoken with Other Designers

If they say they have spoken with other firms. This is the best kind of lead as they haven’t really shared anything quotable and yet they’ve probably received quotes from other designers. So you get to have a “teaching moment” that also throws the other designers under the bus. If they say that have spoken with other firms, simply ask if they have gotten a quote and be prepared to follow-up.

…well great. Have you gotten a quote or two yet? I don’t want or need to know what they are, but I’m interested to know if you’re received an estimate with the input you shared with me.

Most often they WILL have gotten a quote, so you can say…

_____________ did you share any additional input with them than you did with me? or pretty much the same thing?

Most often they will say that they did not.

Well I do want to get you a good estimate of design costs, but first I want to point out that there is nothing within the input that you shared with me, that we can attach a price to.


What I mean by that is things like “simple, modern, clean, professional” etc are not something that costs anything. It takes just as much time to create a cluttered, ugly website as it does something nice. So any designer who has provided you with a quote based on the input you’ve shared is simply pulling a number out of thin air simply trying to quote low or something of that nature. Their quotes CAN’T be accurate, because they have no clue what YOU mean by your input. Often our new clients may want 5, 10, or 15 pages and maybe even some programming like eCommerce or other things and yet they call that simple. Without knowing if you’re talking 4-5 pages or 10-15 pages and truly strategizing what your ideas are…any quote is simply not an honest one. Does that make sense?

ALLOW THEM TO RESPOND and then try moving forward based on that response. Hopefully you can go to:

__________ what I’d like to do is kind of show you one of the major differences in how we work. Let’s you and I kind of map out what you feel you need. As far as what the website looks like and how you want it to flow and navigate, we can get to that. But again, designing something awesome looking doesn’t cost anything. What costs are pages, functionality and that sort of thing. So let’s kind of talk it out. I’ll get us started as every website has a HOME PAGE, and you’ll probably want an ABOUT US PAGE and CONTACT US PAGE where interested people can inquire. What else are you thinking?

AT THIS STAGE YOU ARE BASICALLY PENCILING NOTES that you can provide a decent/accurate quote. So talk through this without really guiding all of the suggestions. See what THEY come up with and only offer short tips on ideas. Most often the client NEEDS more than they are thinking, but try to allow them to feel that you came up with this estimate together. Once you’ve finished then summarize the quote and remind them that YOUR quote is actually a quote that THEY came up with and it cannot be compared to other quotes that are not based on anything concrete.

At this point ______________, let me point out that YOU and I – together – just mapped out what YOU feel that you need in your website. These are things that you DID NOT share with me at the beginning of this conversation and based on what you told me up front, I don’t think any other designer has taken the time to map this all out with you. Correct?


I can almost hear the gears turning in your head thinking that those quotes you’ve heard so far just can’t be accurate. Wouldn’t you agree?


Well based on what you and I discussed, I think we’re looking at design costs of around $______ and I want to remind you that any other quote you’ve received was not based on this same content, the number of pages, etc. Does that make sense?

AT THIS point you have hopefully gotten some decent feedback where the prospect not only acknowledges that your conversation has been more informative, and also that any other conversation with another designer could not have been accurate in terms of a quote. (You have to get that reaction or you will not have made a real impression.) So if you have not heard that kind of reaction – ask for it.

For example you could say –

________, I know that it is attractive to HEAR a low quote from another designer, and our quote would be lower if I was just trying to sell you, rather than actually strategizing an honest estimate.

lf you don’t get a firm, positive response then you’ll want to work to get that…when and if you DO, then you’ll want to proceed to the close.


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