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2018 Sales Presentation DONE

This presentation is interactive and can be used to help with the FLOW of a general sales call.

The SPOKEN portions of the presentation will be in BLUE and the descriptions and explanations will be in black.

Hi _____________, how are you today? Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to speak with you because I know the way that Thumbtack works these days, your phone and email are probably “blowing up” with 14-15 firms responding to you. So again, thanks so much for the opportunity to talk a bit about how I might be able to help with your project. Why don’t you tell me as much as you can about what you’re looking for.


They will most often respond in one of three ways that will take you in one of three directions as far as the sales path goes. Sometimes those “details” will talk about either changes to an existing website or a complete makeover of an existing website.


I need a NEW WEBSITE and the prospect speaks in general terms
I need a NEW WEBSITE and the prospect provides details
They have an existing website