affordable web developmentThe media is now full of commercials for FREE WEBSITES or BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITES and there are now many template-based web programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others that ALL promote the fact that you can now develop your own website at no cost.

…and you can! As long as you understand that those FREE websites will not gain Google rankings for anything other than the name of your business, then you’re good to go. If, however, you want to be found for search terms that are important to generating new clients or leads to your business, THEN that FREE website just won’t cut it.

That doesn’t mean that the only way you’re going to gain top rankings is by spending a ton of money. However it DOES mean that there’s more work to do to gain rankings than just putting up a website. That is where our experienced and affordable web development specialists can help.

We know that MANY who visit our website are confused or at somewhat of a loss to know how to choose the best and affordable web development company. We put together a very short video that we think will simplify things and help to take some of the guesswork out of knowing who to trust with THE MOST IMPORTANT task of designing and promoting your website.

Affordable Web Development solutions do exist. AppNet provides FREE CONSULTATIONS for any size website and we’ll answer your questions in an easy-to-understand manner. We speak the language of “business” and not “techno-babble”. Learn more about our Affordable Web Development options by calling us or using our quote request form.

We handle all types of website search engine designs including small brochure websites, large, e-commerce online marketing stores, sites with specific custom programming; sites that have a wealth of SEO copywritten content and more. We also can help you stategize the best plan of attack for your social media campaigns. Let our team show you Affordable Web Development solutions that work.

Need to find out information on Affordable Search Engine Optimization? Appnet has worked as SEO Consultants for our clients for well over a decade and we have a great deal of experience in helping our clients Improve Search Engine Ranking in short time. Contact us today!

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