Operating on a budget is something that we all have to do these days. AppNet has a long history of working WITH clients to discern what your goals are – and consulting in the best options available to meet those goals and stay within your budget needs. Affordable website design IS possible even when working with a graphic design firm. Lots of folks think that they cannot afford this route, and instead choose to try to design the website themselves using a template based program or ‘quick solution’ provided by large domain registration companies.

The media is now full of commercials for FREE WEBSITES or BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITES and there are now many template-based web programs that ALL promote the fact that you can now have a website at NO cost.

…and you can! As long as you understand that those FREE websites make YOU the search engine expert. Also, they are not as easy to use as they advertise. We constantly hear this complaint from users that have tried working on their own with some of the more common platforms. The average user / ¬†business person does not spend hours a day looking at the Internet and discerning what the best design practice and best SEO campaign is for their company.

We know that MANY who visit our website are confused or at somewhat of a loss to know how to choose an affordable website design company. We try our best to explain what you are getting from the ‘free website’ builder route and what you can expect when working with us.

Spend a Moment to Watch this Video

affordable website designWe put together a very short video that we think will simplify things and help to take some of the guesswork out of knowing who to trust with THE MOST IMPORTANT task of designing and promoting your website. We invite you to watch, “Affordable Website Design” video above.

We believe that an affordable website is one that not only fits your business needs and budget but one that actually brings your business SUCCESS.

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