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If we had a nickel for every time that we’ve heard the above comment that turned into a 30 minute conversation – we’d be rich. The precursor to the response above is usually something like, “I know this isn’t something that you guys DO, but since I have you on the phone and since I know you guys KNOW how to do this…can you just take a minute.”

We routinely field calls of that nature from clients who use GMAIL and want to ask us how to setup those emails on their iPhones, or their computers, etc. We receive those kinds of calls because you can’t get Google on a telephone and it’s simply EASIER to call AppNet. We’re easier to reach than your phone or computer TECH guy named “Peggy”. …and “YES” our guys and gals probably CAN help you with about anything you’d call us about.

However, we are simply not resourced to do that – and unfortunately we can’t afford to offer that kind of FREE support.

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Monthly hosting is the fee that we charge you to cover our costs of keeping your domain name LIVE on the internet; to cover our costs for the server space and 24 hour monitoring that insures UP TIME; to protect those servers from viruses; to provide BACKUPS so that your content is protected; and to cover our costs for EMAIL hosting.

Bear in mind that AppNet is currently hosting 3,833 email addresses for clients.That translates to more than 2500-3000 cell phone or computer owners – or both. Due to security issues or crashed computers or new cell-phone purchases, people often need their usernames and passwords – and general server settings. It is our job to provide that assistance for you and we’ll always gladly provide that kind of information. What we cannot do is spend another 10-20 minutes to setup your phone. That responsibility would fall on your phone provider or computer IT person. With more than 3500 of these kinds of scenarios, we’d never be doing anything except phone support.

If You’re Looking for A “Beck and Call” Company

We DO offer special support packages for many clients. Some clients want us to basically “be there” for them whenever they need to call – whether that would be to assist their staff to setup phones; offer some support for computer issues; provide written updates for SEO or Google Rankings or simply to keep them aware of the latest trends in Digital Marketing, etc.

We have special support arrangements to do content writing on a monthly basis,  or to handle SEO AFTER any posts that are uploaded by the client.

If YOU are interested in a monthly support plan, feel free to call us at 888-926-4584 and we can discuss such a startegy – tailored to your specific needs.

In closing – EMAIL SUPPORT will always be FREE. If you have a question that we can support, drop us an email and we’ll answer or send you links where to find those answers.

Of course we can ALWAYS provide PHONE assistance that is outside of the scope of monthly hosting on a per call basis.

AppNet is growing and we want YOU to grow with us. We have recently assigned every one of our clients (old and new) to a dedicated Account Manager. Their job and ours will be to keep a watch on things that are happening with your website and when appropriate to contact you with ideas, suggestions and in some case – fixes to older, outdated or insecure programming.

There are STRONG SIGNS that Google is doing away with SEO (search engine optimization) as we know it and the competition for visitors is higher than ever. We want to insure YOUR growth and while you won’t be obligated to take our advice or suggestions – you’ll be armed with the knowledge of what is or isn’t happening with your website.

Your new account manager will be communicating with you shortly…and as always, if you need to discuss anything related to your website, please call anytime.

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