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Appnet Remote Staff

Appnet New Media is Declared Essential; and We Think YOU Are As Well

We Are Here For You

Obviously, the COVID-19 virus is affecting all of our lives in one way or another and it appears that it might for some time to come. ‘Stay home’ or ‘shelter in place’ orders are putting many of us into new situations and trying to figure out valid ways to make a living, or to at least keep our businesses afloat during this crisis.

With that in mind, we are hearing from many of our clients asking us what they can do from home and how they can use this time productively to improve their websites or position themselves better on Google, etc. for when things return to normal.

It Is Time to Go ALL IN on SEO

Whether you want to DIY things or you want Appnet to handle everything, we are here to tell you that it is time to GO ALL IN ON SEO. This is the time to take things up a peg so that you are positioned well as things turn…and they will. Boosting your website NOW will have a positive effect in 4-6 weeks on Google so why not get started?

We are already hearing from many clients nationally who, while the world seems to be shut down or in lock-down – are growing and prepping for growth. Secure your business’ future by betting big on SEO.

It remind’s me a quote from one of my favorite movies, It’s A Wonderful Life, when there’s a run on the bank and everyone is running around scared – where Jimmy Stewart’s character shares:

“Mr. Potter isn’t selling, he’s buying, because the rest of us are panicking and he’s not.”

Don’t panic. Now is the time to put those entrepreneurial skills to work to position yourself for greater success in the weeks and months ahead.

AppNet New Media Studio offers a 16-person team of Designers, Programmers, SEO experts, Content Writers, Consultants and Support Staff to assist you in any way during this crisis. Although we are considered “essential” due to the need for maintaining and supporting the provision of essential global, national and local infrastructure for computing services (incl. cloud computing services), business infrastructure, web-based services, etc., we ARE operating almost entirely from remote locations (in our homes).

We thought it would be cool to share our own “home setup” below: Click on Images to Enlarge


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List of Essential Businesses Includes Information Technology as Essential Infrastructure Operations:

  • Section 2. Covid-19 Essential Businesses and Operations:Item 5. Lists Essential Infrastructure Operations to include: …; and internet, including the provision of essential local, regional, national and.or global infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure (internet hosting/maintenance) and web-based services.
  • Workers supporting the provision of essential global, national and local infrastructure for computing services (incl. cloud computing services), business infrastructure, web-based services.

We Are Here for You.
Stay safe and healthy.