Football season is less than 30 days away; Autumn colors will be bursting out in eight weeks or so and the next thing you know, we’ll all be talking about the Holidays! I don’t know about you guys but I’m kind of hoping that the next six or eight weeks SLOWS DOWN a bit so that we can enjoy some extended summer days!”

All things ‘internet’” continue to grow exponentially – and in NEW and exciting ways.


It’s YOUR WEBSITE! Why not take full control? With the newest design architecture we can now design new websites that give you TOTAL control of every page of your website. New CMS allows you to add, edit and delete pages, BLOGS, photos, videos and more.


New designs allows for every device to see your website perfectly by redesigning each page on the “fly” so that it displays perfectly on mobile devices, tablets, desktops and more.


New website designs allow us to create visitor blocks on countries such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine, China and other top SPAM countries. By eliminating these SPAMMERS from visiting your website, it will limit the SPAM emails that you receive. Spammers are being more aggressive than ever.


Google Analytics now has a wealth of tools that allow you to see detailed information about who your visitors are, what pages and how many pages they are looking at, what cities and states they come from and more. You can see every keyword that your visitors searched to find you and armed with this information you’ll know how to strategize to gain more traffic and customers.Call our office today and speak with any of our staff to determine a strategy and budget that works for you and your goals. Call 828.963.7286 today.


I was speaking with a brand new, prospective client the other day. We had conversed back and forth over a few days. After thinking our proposal over, he called me to tell me that their firm had decided to go with us “despite the fact that we’re so expensive”. He went on to tell me that his partner had actually called some of our clients for references (which is always a good idea). He told me that he had contacted one of our clients who had left AppNet – only to come back to us after their traffic and rankings died. When our new client asked our old client for some feedback on us as a company – this is what he was told:

“They are really great at what they do although they are more expensive that anyone we had checked with.” He added, “The owner (yours truly) is arrogant as hell and hard to deal with – but we’d highly recommend him and AppNet.”

Well good gracious! “Thanks I guess!”

The truth is – I’ve heard the comment about how expensive AppNet is dozens of times over the years and I’ll have to admit to hearing that I’m an arrogant jerk more than once as well.

I’m going to attempt to defend my/our stance on both statements because I have you as a captive audience for a few moments as you read this newsletter.

Allow me to address the claim that I and some of our team are arrogant at times. The definition of “arrogant” (as defined by Webster) is to be egotistical or full of oneself or superior to others. I assure you that this definition doesn’t apply whatsoever.

There’s another definition of arrogance that might somewhat apply. To be arrogant can also mean that you feel an exaggerated sense of one’s own abilities. I and my staff MIGHT slightly fall prey to this IF you will delete the word “exaggerated” from the meaning.

Depending on the staff member, our team has 8-18 years of experience in all things internet. So compared to most of our clients – sure we know vastly more than you do about this industry. Heck we know vastly more than most web developers in the business. That makes us very good at what we do – but not necessarily arrogant.

Let me give you a fun example of how I and one of staff members was “VERY ARROGANT” the other day.  A client called up and this is word-for-word what we were asked.

“Hi, I need someone to send me the file that ya’ll sent me four years ago.”


We responded, “Ummmm and what might that file be?”They couldn’t explain.

They just said to check with our staff and see who helped them four years earlier.

Bear in mind that they could have been asking for an email password, how to setup email on their phone, a photo we had on file, ftp access and as many as perhaps 2000 other things that come up from time to time.

I’ll spare you the blow by blow, but suffice to say that we began to break through the technology barrier to see perhaps if they were talking about email, a webpage, photos, etc. When we couldn’t discern what the heck they needed, we simply asked that they start from the beginning and try to provide us with the necessary input that we needed to be ABLE to help them.

It wasn’t long before one of my administrative people was told that she was rude, not very helpful and that we were trying to make her (the client) feel like a fool.

Translation: arrogant.

We are often asked to do something that we KNOW is NOT what the client actually WANTS. When we try to clarify the situation to “cross the ts and dot the i’s” we are called arrogant and not helpful.

Here’s another example:

A client recently called in and told us that they needed their DNS changed to a certain set of IP numbers. We KNOW the consequences of doing that but after trying to obtain precisely what the client needed, we were scolded and told “how our client owns their own site” and just DO what we were told to do.

We changed the DNS IP numbers. Guess what happened.  Their email and website went down. They called back.

This time we were scolded for doing something that we were told to do. Seems that their initial desire was to keep their website with us, but point email to Google

….but we’re arrogant.

The truth is, we just know this stuff and we’re here to handle “all things internet related” so you don’t have to. If and when you call us for anything, we’re only going to do what’s best for you and we’ll only consult as to what your options are AND what potential issues you might have with any requested edits, changes, etc. Ultimately YOU are our boss. We know that.

We operate by two rules:

Rule 1. The customer is always right even when they are not.

Rule 2. Refer to Rule 1.

So we might consult. We might ask questions to clarify just what you need for us to do.

But “arrogant”? I really don’t think so. (But then I COULD be arrogant for thinking so;


This is one of those subjects that can be covered in a multitude of ways.  I could ask you this question:

“Which is more expensive. Spending $1000 five times, with five different designers in five years and getting no results; OR Spending $5000 one time to actually do what is necessary for your website to achieve good rankings and lead/customer generation?

If you were to contact five design companies and simply instruct them to quote you for a (5) page website and to use “Widgets for Sale” as the keyword, etc. FOUR of the FIVE companies will quote you around $900-$1000 to build that website.

If you called AppNet and gave us the same “ingredients” we would immediately compare what you’re asking for with what we know and respond accordingly. For example, let’s say you were selling Widgets in “Podunct, USA” and gave us the ingredients above, then we’d quote you the same $900-$1000 that any other firm would. However, if you were selling widgets in Houston, Texas or Miami, Florida, or ANY competitive area – then we feel obligated to consult and tell you that your (5) page website would never be found on Google.


Do you really. Listen closer.  For example, Wix runs ads every single day where the narrator is supposedly someone who needs a new website and they are enthralled that they can get the perfect website (everything they want) for FREE.

Good so far… then listen to the closing comments.

“Once your new website is up, let us know if you are satisfied with the site and if so we will then host it for you and get it listed with the search engines for a ‘low monthly price’.

Here’s where these kind of deals are not being fully open and honest.  We can build you a ONE PAGE website (or 1-5 pages) for as little as $500. Then we’ll charge you as little as $15 a month to keep it LIVE (running). We can send it to all of the search engines and THEY WILL LIST IT. That does not mean that anyone could FIND it on Google, Yahoo or Bing. It only means that it will be “LISTED” with Google. By “listed” that little, free or cheap website might get found on page 22 of Google, which means that you will see NO traffic.

Now if you’re going to go out to every local shopping center parking area and place flyers or business cards under every windshield to direct people TO this free website, NOW you’re getting somewhere.  However if you want that new website to be found by the hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people who are looking for your services or business – then you’re going to need a bigger, better website.

The bigger website will cost more, but it will also payoff by getting you new customers.


You see, AppNet “speaks Google”. We make it our business to know how to research any and every industry and any and every coverage area against the dozens or sometimes THOUSANDS of search terms that might dictate your success. If you were trying to get your widget website found on top of Google in Miami with a five page website – you’re destined for utter failure.

There are ONLY TWO WAYS to meet and beat your competition on the search engines and that is to OUTSPEND your competition or to OURWORK them. You may have read that in previous newsletters. However it is the truth. A (5) page, $900 website might rank well in “Nowhereville, USA” but it won’t ever be seen if your business is located in a competitive area like Charlotte, North Carolina. A (5) page website will NEVER outrank a (50) page website.

So it ISN’T that AppNet is more expensive than any other web development and SEO firm out there. It is simply that we won’t let you waste your time and money by throwing pennies at a marketing strategy when we know that it takes dollars.

With that in mind, if you’re thinking that it is time to take your website to greater success, then call and speak with us. We’ll take the time to show you where the prospective customers are, AND how to go after them.

Sometimes it might only take a budget of $2,000-$3000. Sometimes we can provide YOU the tools and the knowledge that you’ll need to do a lot of the work yourself.

It’s kind of funny but often, after we’ve taken the time to consult and educate a potential client on “what it takes” to make their website successful, we’re called “arrogant”.

We can’t win…

Have a GREAT August and Until Next TimeHave a GREAT August and Until Next Time

Until next month!

Team AppNet

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