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Author Archives: Blake Heller

About Blake Heller

One could be mistaken in thinking that Forrest Gump was my hero. After spending more than a decade working with Marine Mammals, I became a licensed Building Contractor and I also run my own precious gemstone import export as well as custom cutting business. Through it all, I have been fascinated with the inner workings of internet rankings and what makes one site better than another. That brought me to Appnet in 2011. I see each new design as a challenge to make it the best possible website it can be.

Spring is here, and those birds better not be the only thing tweeting!

If you are over the ripe old age of ... oh, say 28, chances are fair that you don't "use" much social media. Sure maybe you Facebook but so does your grandmother. After that you wouldn't much know a tweet from a twerk but I promise you, you are letting a HUGE business opportunity slip right on by so don't be stubborn and learn to embrace some of those things your kids already know. If you still have no idea what a hashtag is, it is a word or phrase (no spaces) with the # symbol in front of it. ... ... Read the Full Article

Working hard?… But is it hardly working??

So now you have a shiny new website and you know you need to get it found. You even know how to blog or write SEO pages, GREAT! You have listened to good advice and you know that in order to start getting found, you HAVE to add content regularly to the site..... and you are more than willing. So you studiously set to work writing content and you grow and grow.Fast forward several months and countless articles later and.... wait a tic, your inbox is still empty. How can that be? Surely you are ranking well for numerous searches ... Read the Full Article

Advice worth ignoring when choosing a website designer

"Website Design? Oh don't listen to him!" If you've had a website built in the past, how many people did you speak with about developing your website? If you've recently undertaken the task of finding a website builder, how many people have you spoken with? If your answer is, "...more than three", then you are not alone. I'll venture an educated guess that you've - no doubt -  also heard three different takes on how to make your website successful. Knowing who to trust can be rather difficult if you aren't already very familiar with how ranking and SEO work. I ... Read the Full Article