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Author Archives: Mike Doble

About Mike Doble

Meet Mike… Owner I have been in the business of advertising and marketing since 1974. I began developing websites in 1995 and subsequently founded in mid 1996. I have developed hundreds of websites personally - mostly in those early years - and guided most all of them to top rankings.Over the following decade I was fortunate to assemble a very talented team of designers, developers, programmers, search engine consultants and support staff who have taken us to the top of our profession. AppNet ranks in the top one-percent nationally for search engine ranking and web design services.The best thing about my job is the fact that I get to speak to brilliant people nearly every day who share their great ideas with me. With very few exceptions, these people exhibit the entrepreneurial spirit that is necessary to succeed in business in these challenging and competitive times.

SEO Juice from Adwords via Backlinks?

When looking at improving your search engine rankings there are many, many things to consider. The best advice is to write for the reader. Beyond that lies a long check list that can vary depending on whom you speak with.  After all The Great Algorithm is unknown to all but a select few in Mountain View, CA.Another discussion is paid vs organic rankings. They are both viable options depending on your budget. Organic ranking does not happen over night. It is the result of multiple steps and a varying amount of time. PayPerClick can get you to the top fast, ... Read the Full Article

No Such Thing as Free Lunch

Get Your Free Website; Step Right Up and Get Your Free Website. REALLY? This particular post is going to come off more than a little bit like "sour grapes" - but it is what it is. I can imagine a few web developers seeing this pop up on Google and the "blogpshere" at some point and COPYING this link and sending it to their client's and saying something like. see here...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE WEBSITE. Let me tell you that we're fortunate in that we are blessed to gain a couple of new clients every week - sometimes ... Read the Full Article

E-Commerce And The Sophisticated Buyer

Last week I had to drive out of town. Since I hadn't driven there before, I was going to rely on my smart phone to help with directions. I decided to buy a windshield mount for my smart phone to make life easier. I researched online to find the best mount for my needs. After sorting through dozens of choices, I found what I was looking for and they had it in stock at my local "electronics store".However, even though it was supposed to be in stock, the employee couldn't even find that they ever carried this product "in store". ... Read the Full Article

Who NEEDS to be the #1 Salesperson with Your Company?

You MAY be surprised at the answer! Okay the image that appears to the right or that prompted you to click and read this BLOG may have already given the answer away. However, the content of the rest of this BLOG may be thought-provoking enough to warrant the read. (Hope so. Also if you think one of your business-owning friends could benefit from this post - please pass it on via email.) Let me explain HOW Google is the Biggest, Baddest Sales Rep on the Planet and HOW you're probably not using them in that fashion. I'll also detail a hint at ... Read the Full Article

Is it REALLY Good Enough being Ranked in the Top 10?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text c_id=".vc_1422023902894"] Oh NO! Where’s my SEO? released an October 2013 study that showed 53 percent of organic search clicks go to the first link.So let me see if I can paint the proper picture here.You've instructed your webmaster to "Get my website ranked in the top ten on Google!"Let's say that you are ranked #10 on Google for 20 search terms that - according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool - are good for 2000 visitors a month.On the surface, it looks like your developer did a pretty good job, right? After all, you're now ranked in the top 10 for ... Read the Full Article

Launching a New Website

Here at AppNet, we just launched the newly, redesigned website. This week (February 17-21, 2014) I have literally had the opportunity to speak with three different clients (one new and two long-term) about this very subject - that is launching a redesigned website.In all three cases when the subject of "budget" came up, I had to "tap dance" around what I felt (feel) was (is) the most important aspect of any such project. In two of the cases this week, the client had already communicated with additional design firms and in each and every case, the other agency's "bids" ... Read the Full Article

Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing is very different than it was just a few years ago. Today tourists do their research from home and have filled the majority of their itinerary before they leave the house. Since most people use the internet for research, an eye catching, informative digital marketing campaign is critical.Your first impression is your website. Make that home page image convey all the feelings your visitors are looking for: fun, relaxing, adventurous, family, warm, sunny, etc.. Spend some extra time to find the perfect image. Make sure it displays in a clear, high quality format. Are the colors comforting or ... Read the Full Article

Mobile Version of Website

Mobile / Schmobile. Forget everything you thought you knew about the need for mobile websites.A few years ago we began getting more and more calls from our clients asking for the costs to implement a mobile version of their websites. As the number of iPhones, Smartphones and iPad users grew - so did the need for making certain that your website could be viewed properly on these devices.The issue during those early days was that you basically needed to create TWO websites - one for most devices such as any desktop and iPads - and another, scaled down version of ... Read the Full Article

Competitive Analysis

What is it and why do you need it?Okay you have a great website AND you say, "It's doing pretty well, thank you very much."...but is it really?How do you know? You say that you're getting calls or emails. Your website seems to be doing pretty well for you.  Here's a little insider information that I'll share with you. Our sales representatives call on business owners every day...about their websites. Sure, we get a lot of unsolicited business from clients who call us about their websites. However our sales guys cold call too. ...and here's a little secret that won't be a ... Read the Full Article

WordPress CMS

Before I get criticized for anything "negative" that I might be construed as saying about Wordpress, let me sing its praises with two comments.1. The website that you're looking at right now was designed and is managed with Wordpress.2. Wordpress is an awesome tool that allows you to add, edit and delete content on your website through adding pages, adding BLOG posts (like this one) and by allowing you to manage content that displays on any of your social media connections - on your website. So now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me now state emphatically, that ... Read the Full Article