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About Mike Doble

Meet Mike… Owner I have been in the business of advertising and marketing since 1974. I began developing websites in 1995 and subsequently founded in mid 1996. I have developed hundreds of websites personally - mostly in those early years - and guided most all of them to top rankings.Over the following decade I was fortunate to assemble a very talented team of designers, developers, programmers, search engine consultants and support staff who have taken us to the top of our profession. AppNet ranks in the top one-percent nationally for search engine ranking and web design services.The best thing about my job is the fact that I get to speak to brilliant people nearly every day who share their great ideas with me. With very few exceptions, these people exhibit the entrepreneurial spirit that is necessary to succeed in business in these challenging and competitive times.

Seo Content Writing

This particular post is more about WHY seo content writing is directly related to the success of your website - than it is about HOW to write good seo content. However, I'll cover some tips that we've used successfully over the years.First, let's get into WHY YOU NEED CONTENT.There are tens of thousands of pages on the net about content writing for seo and what it is and why it is important to rankings for any website. Yet I still get asked about this at least every few days from prospective clients. When I'm in consulting conversations with our clients ... Read the Full Article

Who Owns Website

This is a question that comes up from time to time - particularly when new clients come to us. Let's get right to the answer and then elaborate!YOU OWN YOUR DOMAIN NAME AND YOUR WEBSITE!...or you should anyway. However a little too often we have new clients come to us wanting us to redesign their old website and when we go to transfer the domain name we find that the domain name is in the name of the web designer or design firm.  We've contacted designers only to hear that they do so for the security of their clients, etc. ... Read the Full Article