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In the real estate industry everything is “location, location, location”. In the web design industry, when it comes to Google rankings, it is all about “content, content, content”.

We can show you tools that will help you understand what the top search terms are that people are doing that would be most beneficial for your website’s traffic. Then all we’ll need to do is build content to attract those rankings. We can do regular real estate website promotion for you or handle it as a one time growth campaign. No matter which way you choose, your real estate website WILL receive more traffic.

We’ll work with you to show you how to create a real “CALL TO ACTION” to get your visitors to ask you for more information about the properties that you have. By doing this, you will receive more leads.

Note: We have HUNDREDS of realtor web design clients that are all performing well on all of the search engines and who all receive from 200-1000 unique visitors per day and top rankings for their coverage area!

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We are often asked, What makes for the best real estate website? Some would argue that the best real estate site is one that gets right to the point; that doesn’t “muddy the water” with a lot of useless content.

We can show you tons of websites that rank phenomenally, yet when you’re navigating around them you’re not certain how you go where you are on the website and yet you’ve yet to find the important information you’re looking for – listing that fit your search criteria.


So there has to be a happy mixture of enough content to rank well, but create the navigation such that visitors can easily find just what they are looking for. The best real estate websites marry GREAT LOOKS and GREAT CONTENT. They also create a “call to action” that makes the visitors WANT to ask you questions or provide you their information such that YOU now have a viable lead.

Real Estate Website Design and Promotion is something that we’ve been doing since our very first web design client back in 1996. AppNet has built real estate sites for clients in California, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and we’ve worked to handle search engine promotion work for Realtors® in numerous other states as well as in Canada.

Real Estate Website Promotion is really all about content. The more content your website has, the more ways it will become ranked on Google. The more ways it is ranked, the more traffic you’ll get. The more traffic you get, the more lead generation.

18+ Years of Proven Results for Real Estate Website Design

AppNet is an award winning Web Development and top ranked SEO firm with more than 18 years of experience in building real estate websites. With thousands of custom real estate website clients, we can show proven results with nearly two-decades of success.

Want to Hear Some Truths That Most Real Estate Web Developers Won’t Tell You?

While you CAN get a real estate website for $0 down and $29.95 a month – and while you CAN have a realtor website from SEVERAL national firms for under $1000…NONE of them will ever win first page rankings on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Without rankings, how do you expect to get traffic? Without traffic – there will be no leads.

Do you REALLY Think You Can Get a Well Ranked Website Without Investing Time, Money or Both?

If you DO, then I’ll bet you’re the ones falling prey to the Nigerian Prince Alyusi Islassis scams where they just need to deposit some of their Nigerian National Petroleum Company money in your account to legitimize their efforts here in the states. For this privilege they will glad pay you $4 million US Dollars.

Savvy Realtors, Brokers and Agency owners know that Digital Marketing on the internet is NO different than older, more traditional forms of advertising. You may be able to reach more people than ever and people who are actually LOOKING for you. It may more cost-effective than any other form of advertising – but things are changing every day in the “world of Google” and you won’t get rankings and traffic without understanding that you have to pay SOMEONE to help steer you through those convoluted waters of internet marketing.

Little or no investment in a website – will get you no return. If you are ready to stop wasting time and formulate an attack to gain a website that will win top rankings and constant lead generation then we’d love to hear from you.

While other IDX brokers and MLS content providers focus on CRM packages to manage leads – we focus on CREATING them.

It Has ALREADY Been a “Rewarding” Month for AppNet. Two Industry Leaders Ranked AppNet “The Best of…” for March 2014.

best real estate web design companiesAs you can see – we were recently awarded with the March 2014 “Best Web Development” award from and also “Best in Search” for March 2014 from These are both unpaid, unsolicited commendations from two of the most respected rating and referral agencies nationwide.

TopSeos seeks out the leading firms in the industry through a rigorous evaluation criteria that includes:

  • best real estate web design companiesCompetitive advantage
  • Superior services and pricing
  • Customer and technical support
  • Response to client problems
  • Innovations that set it apart from the competition
  • Overall efficiency
  • Overall performance

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