Best Way to Make Your Website ADA Compliant in One Day


Over the last couple of years our staff has fielded hundreds of calls from worried business owners who have been confronted with lawsuits or threats of lawsuits due to their websites not being ADA Compliant. There is a lot of misinformation going around the internet on the subject AND there are many firms trying to take advantage of people in a tough situation by charging excessive fees to convert websites into being 100% compliant.

If you have received a threatening letter from an attorney about your website not being ADA Compliant, simply call Appnet New Media Studio at 828.963.7286 and tell our support team that you’re interested in ADA Compliance.

Contact us BEFORE you respond to the ADA Compliant. Most often you DO NOT have to have your website completely redesigned. For as little as $500 and $20 a month, we can implement custom programming on your existing website that will make it 100% compliant in ONE DAY.

Want to see what the custom programming looks like? Simply look at the top right corner of this page. Click on the little “accessibility” icon.

Call us today to fix your ADA Compliance issues.

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