These two adjectives, cheap and custom, don’t seem to relate especially when it comes to websites, at least not in our experience. But for good measure, we’ll entertain the idea of a cheap custom website.

It’s not that it necessarily takes a lot of money to build a website, though sometimes it very well does. More commonly is the fact that it can take a lot of money to compete with other websites. It’s the same with computers. A smart phone costs a significant amount more than your basic flip phone, but that’s because it does a lot more, too! If you need a phone for just the basics, and don’t expect much from it, then sure, the cheaper phone will do. With a website, if you’re looking to simply put out an online brochure for anyone who may happen to stumble across it, then a cheaper budget should accomplish this. If you’re hoping for anything more than that though, you may have to dig a little deeper down into your pockets.

Appnet provides affordable, highly customized web design. All of our sites are unique, successful, and offered at great prices. You may even call them cheap, but certainly not when it comes to value. If you’d like to see what you can get for your money, give us a call today for a free quote.

Our professional staff isn’t going to paint you a pretty picture, take your money, and then leave you high and dry. We do a thorough analysis of our clients’ situations, offer our expert advise with realistic goals, follow the necessary steps to deliver those results, help them become acquainted with the information so they can operate on their own, and yet still keep in contact and stand by our work.

If anyone can deliver what you may call high quality cheap web design services, it’s Appnet. Let us make your investment worth every cent.

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