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2018’s Best & Latest Trends

“I Don’t Know Exactly What I Want, but I’ll Know it When I See it”

We know that its hard to articulate your vision for your website. Here is a list of some of the best 2018 website trends and themes to help inspire you.

1. Super Effects & Great Theme for About Any Service Industry

Everyone likes eye-catching browser effects and this demo supports awesome header blending and fades as well as call-outs that help to describe your company’s strengths. There are parallax screens, awesome galleries that can show of recent work or products, and the front page actually supports everything to promote your firm including testimonials, video, team, etc. Using changing HEADERS allow for great Call-to-Action to push visitors to important service or product pages. This header can also include VIDEO!

2. Great Headers & More

Although this demo sample shows the theme used for a web design firm, it could be effectively used to show off any company that wants to share their services, staff, testimonials and more in a clean design layout that allows for portfolios.Client particularly like the way that the header images have creative transitions that flow well. Using changing HEADERS allow for great Call-to-Action to push visitors to important service or product pages. This header can also include VIDEO!

3. Great Video Header & Lots of Movement

This theme demo shows off how you can get all of your content delivered on one page so that visitors get everything you want them to see in one click. If you click around the “navigational page links” you’ll see that it simply drops visitors to that content on one scroll. This is a huge plus to mobile visitors who are using their thumbs to navigate the content. A great new trend in 2018. The platform still allows for SEO pages, BLOGs and more to grow your website for SEO.

4. Majestic Design & Effects in One Package!

We like this layout so much because it shows off the latest trend that asymmetric design. There’s nothing boxy about this layout. We like it so much we are developing our own, newest website with it. The platform allows for SEO pages, BLOGs and more to grow your website for SEO.

5. MrSEO and Great Layout

This layout is called MrSEO for a reason. While it has a great layout and tons of promotional content on each page, it is also awesome for SEO. Okay, in reality, all WordPress layouts are awesome for SEO!

6. Super eCommerce Layout with Lots of Options

This theme layout is called “Flatsome” but there’s nothing flat about it. Click some of the DEMO options in the top NAV, as well as the SHOP, pages, etc. You’ll have to imagine what this layout looks like with all of your imagery, text, products and more. However this is a robust layout with great SEO.

7. We Can Whip Your Website into Shape! Check out this theme for Fitness & Coaching

We receive a LOT of request to build websites for personal trainers and fitness coaches. If this layout won’t inspire you to hire a coach, nothing will. There’s plenty of room for videos (scroll the front page) and more.

8. Great Layout for Builders, Contractors, Landscaping, Plumbing & All Service Industries

We build so many websites for contractors of all ilk, shapes and sizes. This layout, called Renovate, offers the perfect blend of content that shows off your company’s services in a clean, mobile-friendly design.

Large Enough to Handle Any Size Project; Small Enough to Give Personal Care…

Appnet New Media Studio’s team consists of 16 experienced and professional web designers, developers, programmers, content writers and support specialists. That makes us just large enough to take on even the largest and most complicated projects – and yet we are small enough to give you the kind of personal attention that you deserve, no matter how small or large your project or budget is.

We’ve been in the business of web design for almost 23 years now and in that time we’ve learned a lot about how best to work with our clients – particularly when it comes to creating a “wow-factor” website – as well as one that is productive in creating new customers and clients.

“Top Website Trends”

Everyone wants their website to be unique, custom, interesting and creative. However, one of the most common comments we hear from new clients is that they really don’t know what they want – they just want something that moves them.

With that in mind, we have created this list of some of 2017-2018’s best and latest trends that you’ll probably want to think about and/or include in YOUR new website:

  1. Web Animation – Eye catching effects like movement on the screen on mouse-overs have gotten huge – again.
    Animated logos are an obvious trend, and one that gives a company a big opportunity to enhance their brand further.When you combine the availability of animation tools with browser improvements it’s easy to see why animation is going to be big in 2018.
    “Does it enhance or otherwise contribute positively to the experience? My heart sinks when a client approaches me saying they want to ‘sprinkle animations all over our app’. Shoe-horning an animation into a design rarely ends well because the animation has no purpose other than to titillate.”But there’s no arguing – when it’s done well, animation can transform a good project to a great one. Just don’t overdo it.
  2. Illustration – Everyone wants ‘custom and unique’ and one of the best ways to do that is to use illustrations in your designs. Illustrations can be extremely practical ways of presenting or explaining information. Nobody wants a boring website, and custom drawings are a human touch that can breathe life into otherwise dry content.
  3. chatbotsInteractive Communication – Chat bots are seeing a huge return to websites. Several years ago these were just popup boxes that showed up after you were on a webpage for a bit. Now they are more robust and can even interact with prospective clients in new and exciting ways. Chat features are great for helping to convert visitors to new customers.As people become more accustomed to interacting with bots, we are seeing a rise in the use of conversational interfaces in design.
  4. Asymmetric Designs and Layouts – We probably hear this from prospective clients and even our own team here at Appnet. Nobody likes “boxy” websites. About five years ago when the responsive design movement ramped up, designers had to make certain that websites “redesigned themselves for mobile devices, etc.Over the last year, we’ve seen an increase in designs that rebelled against the constraints of responsive design with an attempt to be more ‘creative’. Again, client want their website to be ‘less boxy’ and all top design firms have responded. New technologies and design platforms meant that NOW traditional ideas of web design are being broken – left, right and center!
  5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile – The percentage of web traffic going mobile continues to climb. 2017 was THE YEAR for the mobile web, as its usage finally surpassed that of desktop browsing. That means that your website has to have a large focus on your mobile audience.
  6. eCommerce is cheaper and better than ever – …and becoming a part of non-traditional eCommerce websites. In other words, even if you don’t have products to sale, you can still incorporate the ability to accept payments on your website or sell gift certificates, etc. We’re only just beginning to see the possibilities of eCommerce as we are moving away from the traditional storefront-on-the-web business model.