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Miami Website Design choices are more abundant than bikinis on South Beach! Well…. maybe not but close. With as many design firms as there are in South Florida, its hard to know who to trust and you WILL encounter every type from the kid just starting out to the top notch Digital Marketing firm. The average persons needs and budget will place them somewhere in the middle and wondering how to take the first step.

It IS possible to get one of the best in the industry (without owning the Mar a Lago and having the last name, Trump)

Try following these four steps when interviewing website design firms:

1- Do they ask YOU questions and actually listen to your needs and wants? Or do they just try to push you into one of their packages whether it fits your business or not?

2- Does their own website look professional, visually dynamic and cutting edge? Do you feel that they will present your business to the world the way YOU would want them to?

3- How well does their own website rank? Are they found on Google for multiple searches, do they rank highly in Florida… or the nation?

4- Can they PROVE they can get you results? How many of their clients have productive, highly ranked websites?

These may seem like simple questions but you would be surprised how many people DONT ask them.

Appnet has been building successful websites for our clients not just in Dade and Broward counties but across the U.S. for 18 years. In that time, we have become one of the top SEO and Design firms nation wide while still offering industry leading work at a very reasonable cost. In fact, if you do a search anywhere in North America for “affordable web design”, you will see Appnet ranked in the top three.

Spend ten minutes with one of our consultants and once we get to know you and your business needs, we will give you several options on how to best reach your goals. Together, we can plan out your design, search engine optimization goals for your website and a digital marketing plan for after we launch your site and introduce you to your new customers. We don’t just throw up a new site and wish you luck, we become an extension of your staff. An internet marketing partner with your success as our main goal. If you look good….. we look good, its that simple really.

Contact us today and see how Appnet can help YOU.

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