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raleigh web design companiesWe normally don’t review, list or rate Raleigh web design companies with less than stellar ratings, however if you search Google for Raleigh Website Design, you WILL find this company and we feel it is prudent to provide a review for consumers.

This company runs Adwords touting “$599 Web Design!” or “$899 Web Design!” from 123 Triad, a company that claims to be the largest web design firm in the U.S. While there is nothing wrong with running Adwords, nor with the pricing model – the issues seem to stem more from the fact that this company has received many complaints about “service after the sale”.

They are certainly not the largest web design company in the U.S. and most reliable sources would argue that they are not even based in the United States (which in and of itself is not of the highest importance). If you visit their website you will quickly find dozens of happy testimonials. However, the various misspellings of words, stock photos and even their logo can hint at some red flags.

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What may not be apparent to the business consumer is the fact that most all of their actual design work is performed through a heavy dose of outsourcing to India. This can often result in communications that go well during the sales process and then breakdown once the design process begins.  A recent new client of AppNet reported, “These guys communicated perfectly when they were talking with me about money. They did a decent job of creating my website but it was about double the cost that they first quoted me. Then when I wanted to make edits and changes I could not get anyone to speak with me.”

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If you are looking to hire a web design company, we suggest doing a little bit of homework. We’ve attempted to make your job easier by providing this Charlotte Web Design Company Review.

We strongly suggest getting a quote from two or three companies to not only compare pricing, but to get a feel for how each web design company communicates with you and listens to your specific development needs.

We’d also love to BE ONE of the firms that you request a quote from. If you’ll spend a couple of minutes to tell us a bit about what kind of website or web design service you need, we will provide some insight and consultation – as well as the costs to attain your goals.

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SEO is THE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in what makes a great website. To be fair there ARE businesses that are only looking for a brochure website. However, looking over several websites that promotes within their portfolio we found a lack for any websites that were performing well.

Here are just a few:

  • – The site has been running since 2011 and within the last year the site is averaging perhaps (10) visitors a month from Google.
  • – No traffic from Google
  • – Did very well in 2012 and then plummeted since. (Often an indicator of bad inbound links. Of course this could be more the fault of the client.)
  • – No traffic from Google in more than two years
  • – No traffic from Google

Grading their SEO

Bear in mind that 123Triad displays 426 PAGES of websites (more than 4000 designs) and we randomly selected FIVE and NONE of the five had any rankings via Google. Additionally we visited more than a few websites that were showing on their portfolio that were NOT designed by or Triad Web Design (another name that they go by). We can only speculate that the client had since gone with another design firm.

Overall it appears that 123Triad is more of a quick design firm than a true, SEO focused firm. To be honest we rated them a “D” grade for SEO services although they were 0 for 5 for the websites we reviewed. However, we’re betting that at least SOME of their more than 4000 web designs were ranking better. It simply appears that this is not a focus of the company. If you’re looking for a cheap, brochure website, this firm is perfect for you. If you’re looking to get great rankings you may want to look elsewhere.

What They Say About Themselves…and a Few Remarks from Us.

“Our award winning team represents several different backgrounds. Because of our diversity, our clients benefit from working with knowledgeable and experienced professionals.”

To be fair in our review, 123Triad doesn’t claim to be a top SEO firm. In fact they barely mention SEO on their front page. In fact, they only claim to build a lot of websites.

Here are some rather intriguing notables:It appears that received perhaps more than 250,000 visits (PER MONTH) to their website back in 2011. Their traffic plummeted to a STILL IMPRESSIVE 160K visitors or more in March of 2013, only to drop to nearly NO TRAFFIC from November 2013 through this review (September 2014). It appears that the bulk of their 4000 designs were built on some heavy advertising campaign from 2011-2013.

THEY NOW go by and that website gets NO traffic and has NO organic rankings, however they are NOW advertising via Google with the SAME website that was running on

Lots of red flags here.They spend more than $11,000 in Adwords in March of 2014 advertising in the same manner as described above.

We’d strongly suggest viewing their rating on the Better Business Bureau (B-): Click here for the BBB Review

More than 29 complaints for their products and services and some websites actually use the word “scam” in rating them. See: Reviews – CNET Web design & hosting Forums › … › Web development forumsWeb design & hosting
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Use caution if you choose to use them for design.

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