GunProud LTC

GunProud LTC is owned by veteran and his wife whom are proud of America and believes firmly in God and the 2nd Amendment. We started this business to really help friends and family who never owned a firearm and now would like to – be able to purchase that firearm and ask for my advice on their needs. We saw too many people in Dallas Fort Worth area purchasing a firearm with never firing one before or doing any research on what would be “fit for purpose” for their needs. We are also firm believers in having a “License To Carry” vs Open Carry. LTC shows that you want to learn how to properly use, carry and “safely” store your firearm at all times. If you own a pistol firearm, we strongly encourage you get your “License To Carry”. 

Appnet is proud to announce the launch of our new website for GunProud LTC! This comprehensive website provides all the information you need to learn about and complete your LTC course, as well as get insurance specific to your state. Our team of experts worked closely with GunProud LTC to create a website that is both informative and user-friendly. We are confident that this new website will be a valuable resource for all gun owners in the US.