Pauls Repair Service Inc

Paul’s Repair Service, a veteran-owned business based in Oregon, excels in providing specialized welding and machining services. With a commitment to quality and precision, the company offers a range of services including SMAW, MIG, and TIG welding, as well as comprehensive machining capabilities like line boring, lathe and mill work, and portable solutions for on-site demands. The website, designed by Appnet New Media Studio, reflects the professionalism of Paul’s Repair Service with its clear images, and efficiently organized contact and services pages. Each service is neatly listed, making it easy for visitors to find what they need quickly and effortlessly, enhancing the user experience with a sleek and intuitive design.

We’ve worked with Appnet on a long-standing relationship and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website presence.

The Beech Mountain Team
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