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Sales Training Video 004 – Selling the First Level Contact

Sometimes the first contact from a lead is NOT the person who can actually approve a purchase. Yet to get TO THAT next person you have to sell the first contact.

Video Four: Angela Janis – She called back after my voicemail
Found out Angela is NOT the person to sell.

Trying to give good information in a short time to inspire winning HER over to ultimately get to her “supervisor”. Sometimes you can take too long with an “underling” and we all make that mistake occasionally. In THIS CASE the supervisor ultimately called me.

This video captured a 45 minute presentation where I was really attempting to win this person over to get her to have her supervisor wanting to speak with me. At one point in this video she alluded to getting the TOP THREE firms introduced to her supervisor and then said we were the best.

Heating up the lead…