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Sales Training Videos

We have put these videos together to aid in getting up to speed in how to begin a presentation and handle objections.

VIDEO ONE – Handling “I was really wanting a local designer”

VIDEO TWO – Organizing the lead by entering info into InfusionSoft and responding via Thumbtack and Email to cultivate the lead and set reminders for followup.

VIDEO THREE – Leaving a Voice Mail message with a purpose. Of course your goal is to prompt a return call. If the prospect calls YOU, the odds go in your favor to close it.

VIDEO FOUR – The previous voicemail worked to create a good callback.

VIDEO FIVE – Political Candidate Needs a Simple Site…

VIDEO SIX – Renting “Soles” (Shoes) eCommerce, Subscription Site

VIDEO SEVEN – Leaving a Good VoiceMail for a Lead that was Cancelled, but we have a Phone Number

VIDEO EIGHT – Quoting a website

VIDEO NINE – Creating New Client Documents and Project Scope

VIDEO TEN – Going Over Project Scope with New Client