“Bridging the Gap” Between Design and Search Engine Optimization

God created the Natural Bridge, Virginia attraction and the caverns that are beneath it. We created the Organic Rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing – and now we’re entering an exciting, new phase of creative development and digital marketing with The Natural Bridge Park and Hotel.

Natural Bridge is located between Lexington and Roanoke, Virginia, and is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and I-81. Once owned by Thomas Jefferson, said to have been surveyed by a young George Washington, traversed by Civil War soldiers – the Natural Bridge is a portal to history. Virginia’s Natural Bridge, one of nature’s unbelievable geological formations, towers an awe-inspiring 245 feet above Cedar Creek. Natural Bridge is made up of 36,000 tons of limestone. The bridge is said to be a miraculous 500 million years old. Along the pathway under the bridge you will see 1000 year old arbor vitae trees, Lace Water Falls, The Lost River, and Saltpeter Mine.


Well Ranked. Well trafficked.

The Natural Bridge of Virginia came to us in December 2009 when their website was only receiving slightly more than 2,250 visitors per month. At that time the website was only found for 126 keywords.

We created a new website – first to better convert the visitors that they WERE receiving into new customers. At the same time we created more content and implemented some simple CMS tools to allow them to manage content (as well as grow it) and over that next year (from January 2010 through December 2010) their rankings grew to 339 ( growth of almost 150% in the first year alone!)

Since that time, the website has maintained NUMBER ONE rankings for nearly 100 search terms as well as nearly 450 Top 10 rankings!

During the month of January 2014, The Natural Bridge website saw more than 22,000 unique visitors that came from their 657 ORGANIC rankings on Google alone!

…and now the fun REALLY begins!

Recently Natural Bridge Virginia was purchased and we’ve been contracted to develop a new website and digital marketing campaign that will attract even more visitors and excite the masses. We thought it would be kind of cool to share this case study as it progresses. We’ll share the beginning status (keywords and traffic) and then as the new website launches and “takes root” we will share the growth in traffic and conversions.

The combination of implementing a new website – while maintaining the important content and rankings that were generated from the preexisting website – is always a “fun” challenge and we’ll provide you with our approach, and the end results shortly. Keep checking back.


Traffic Grew from 2,256 Visitors a month to 22,190 per month
from December 2010 through January 2014.


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