Search engine optimization for small businesses is an altogether different animal than say, search engine optimization for large corporate websites. Besides the fact that most large corporations and mega-sized companies probably all manage their website design and marketing efforts by a team of individuals  in-house, there are other reasons why small business SEO looks very different than SEO for large companies with millions of dollars to spend each year on search engine optimization and marketing alone.

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SEO Considerations for Small Business Owners

Small businesses have special considerations with regards to the scope of their search engine optimization, and they usually do not have the budget that the larger companies do. Small business SEO service is very targeted and involves using a variety of means to drive traffic and effect a ranking change for search terms. A lot of time and wasted energy can be spent on trying to compete with huge retailers and mega corporations for search terms that are out of your reach and scope, or are just the wrong thing altogether. You might be thinking, “ Wait, if there is one thing I know, it’s what people should be typing in to find my website”. Lots of business owners believe that they unequivocally know what users are typing in when they are looking for their types of services. Usually though, they miss the mark by a few words, or are being much too broad with their selection of choices.

Target Local Search Terms 

If you want to test the waters, try using a keyword planner and see how well you know internet users and their habits. There are tons of ‘free’ keyword planners out there on the Internet. We won’t bore you with the way in which they pull their data, as it has changed and will continue to change, but these tools are interesting if you want to see what people are searching for related to any given ‘thing’ be it an industry, service, product, place or person. One that we used to recommend was SEOBook’s Keyword Tool, you can do a search for ‘SEOBook Keyword Tool’ and find it still.

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Let us Help

When thinking about all of this you can easily see that small business seo service can get confusing. Factor in another level of confusion in that keywords are different for each locale and area, and your company needs to target all the terms but only want to work in 2 areas of the country,you quickly will realize that you do not have enough time and energy to devote to understanding your small business SEO service and SEO marketing campaign.

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Save your Money!

Even worse than wasting time, you could waste countless dollars of your marketing budget by trying to buy Adwords to get the traffic to your site that you need. Adwords can be a great thing, you just do not want to be competing with large retailers such as Walmart, for various adwords. Professional SEO services take into account your situation, your goals, time and budget and help you target terms that will get you users that are searching for your services to your website.

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