Aerial Video Services and Photography for Marinas

Rich media content, such as YouTube videos, provides added SEO value to your website and aerial video footage provides the added bonus of exciting new “angles” of showing of just about anything from marinas to homes to attractions better than from ground-level.

AppNet’s staff has long provided related video production services such as cropping out bad portions of videos, adding in voice-overs, text content and more.

AppNet is now offering aerial videos and photography PRODUCTION as a new service. We can coordinate having one of our staff or a 3rd party photographer capture the video footage FREE.

Drone camera systems equipped with high resolution cameras and gimbal stabilization can allow for high-quality videos to be made from 100′-400′ elevations and higher. We have already connected with a small network of drone pilots who are willing to provide aerial footage at NO COST if you’re interested in hiring us to handle the related, professional video production services.

Here’s how it works: *

  1. Video flyovers can be performed at NO COST as these people simply enjoy flying their drones!
  2. We can provide you with a copy of the RAW footage at NO COST (on a disk or in Dropbox, etc).
  3. We will then edit the video to include any text call-0uts, voice-over work, etc.

These prices are pennies on the dollar compared to just a couple of years ago when you would have had to spend thousands of dollars for planes or helicopter flyovers and video production. The video below was provided at NO CHARGE to Lakeshore Resort & Marina.

Real Estate Videos and Photography

Not only are these videos high quality productions, when implemented on your website they offer true, rich media content that Google and the other search engines reward with higher rankings and traffic.

This video is one that was shot at Watauga Lakeshore Resort & Marina in Hampton, Tennessee.

If you’re interested in getting a quote call us at 1-828-963-7286 1-828-963-7286 and mention our aerial video service production.

*There is much discussion about how the FAA will be dealing with drones in the near future, but at this time, we (nor anyone else) can charge for flying the equipment or for providing the raw video. However that is changing in 2015 and we already have an application on file to be licensed to do so. In the interim, we can only charge for our video editing services, our voice-over talent, and website or SEO services.

To be clear, many videographers charge $1000-$2000 for simple, on-the-ground videos and then additional charges for video editing, etc. Our goal is to provide valuable SEO services for our clients and NOT to circumvent the law. So as proof of that we are only charging from $500-$1000 for these professionally produced videos, depending our our time and options that each client may desire for the videos themselves.

More About Lakeshore Resort & Marina on Watauga Lake:

I’ve personally been on or around lakes for my entire life and I’ll attest to what every fan of Watauga Lake will tell you…that Watauga Lake in East Tennessee, close to the borders of North Carolina, Virginia AND Tennessee is one of the most beautiful and serene lakes in all of America.

Watauga Lakeshore Marina is the people’s choice for being THE best marina on the lake. Come to Lakeshore Resort & Marina for all your aquatic needs. Rent ski boats, pontoons and ski equipment for a reasonable price, then head out on the water for a fun-filled day.

Lakeshore is a home away from home for hundreds of boat owners of every size and shape from small¬† fishing boats to boat houses and house boats measuring more than 100′ long!

Dozens of sailboats of all make and sizes are moored at Lakeshore Marina and boat owners are often
participating in impromptu regattas nearly every weekend from April-November.

You’ll find Watauga Lake and Watauga Lakeshore Resort and Marina a great environment for families and nearly every weekend in season offers a new opportunity to meet and hang out with new friends and fellow lake lovers.

At the main boat docks and boat store You’ll find the best service and staff on the lake for about anything you could want while at the lake.

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If your boat needs servicing you’ll find no better maintenance and repair staff on the lake than right here.

If you’re hungry after a long day on the water, pull up a chair at the Captain’s Table, Lakeshore Resort & Marina’s restaurant with a breathtaking view of the lake.

The Captain’s Table specializes in seafood and also serves tasty steaks, chicken and specials of the day such as crab cakes, seafood platters, and fresh fried oysters.

We invite you to view our website at for information about any of our services, or if wish to stay in one of our cabins or motel units, feel free to visit or call us at either 423-725-2201423-725-2201 or 888-423-3785888-423-3785.

SERVICES include

  • Boat Rentals
  • Boat Mooring
  • Gasoline
  • Fishing/Hunting Licenses
  • Bait & Tackle
  • Ice
  • a Boat Launch
  • Marine Equipment
  • Beverages/Beer
  • Snacks and even a Laundromat

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ask a question?

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