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Our web design project process is a proven method, used successfully for over 17 years. This process is a series of steps that build upon one another, reducing risk and arriving at a final website through a structured approach. Most design projects will take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to complete (depending on the scope and size of the project). We’ll do 90% of the work, but we’ll need some input and direction from you and our process minimizes delays or issues. Often Steps 1 & 2 are accomplished during the initial sales conversation.

Before you start

You may wish to read about our Web Design Requirements before you start.

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Based on conversations with you, we learn about your website goals and create a proposal to align expectations and educate each other. Together, we define the features and scope of your website.


During the Discovery phase, we focus on on-page SEO recommendations and a categorized sitemap, and we create strategy documents that we will share with you. This game plan will portray page content and any programming needs. This phase will outline cost that will match your website requirements with our recommendations for successful SEO.


A project Base Camp is established for team communication. We’ll notify members of our design, programming and content writing team of what we’ll need from them pertaining to your specific project. Our project coordinators will ask you questions (they’ll answer yours as well) to formulate our design timetable and needs. We’ll discuss project details with you, such as design preferences. You can share websites that you like, etc.


We explore your brand (whether you have an existing brand or are looking to establish one), creative direction, fonts, colors, navigation and usability. More often than not, we will create a one-page, JPG or TIF design proof that will provide you with our first page concept. If needed, we can also establish design wireframes that portray page layouts and that help to map out the project. Once a direction or design is approved, we design all the website’s page templates.


Once the design concepts are approved, we hand the project off to our website developers. We program the website by converting designs into HTML and CSS, which we connect to the content management system (CMS). We enter your content and perform functionality and browser testing to make certain that the website works with all browsers and devices.


If your website includes eCommerce or a Content Management System (CMS) we will then provide training on how to use each. Once we have your approval, the website is launched and we will handle any agreed to SEO, Google and Yahoo sitemaps, and website submission. We will also provide Google Analytics logins and setup Google Webmaster Tools for our SEO team.


After the website is live, we maintain a partnership with you by providing support assistance and ongoing maintenance to the hosted environment, the website, and the CMS.


Whether you are interested in small changes or major enhancements, our Web Strategists and Support Team are ready to discuss the next steps to your website.

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