When done properly, your Sarasota website design could and SHOULD become your most productive tool in your business arsenal. Done poorly or leave some important parts out… and you could end up with the most glorified AND expensive business brochure you can imagine.

No one can argue that Sarasota is just about one of the most perfect places to live. It has world class beaches, amazing shopping, the arts, ideal weather and beautiful quite neighborhoods. It makes a good case for countless people either moving here or vacationing here. Along with all of those residents and visitors comes a possible never ending flow of new customers. How to reach them in the most effective way is where you need a partner who knows both Internet Marketing as well as website design and SEO.

Ask yourself a simple question, the last time you bought a house, bought a toaster or even went to the movies, what was the first thing you did? …. Yup, you went online to look it up. Those businesses you saw in the top results were getting over 90% of the traffic and THAT is where Appnet can take you. After 18 years of building successful websites for thousands of clients all over the country, we know how to get results for you by putting these three critically important parts together:

Website Design – we build visually dynamic, easy to navigate, lead capturing websites that entice your visitors to look at the next page and the next  and the next. We lead the horse to water AND help you make them drink!

SEO – What good is a beautiful website if no one ever sees it? Search Engine Optimization is what we specialize in. As one of the top firms in the United States, we know how to squeeze every bit of “juice” out of each page, picture, product and blog of your website. If you are going to build a website, why wouldn’t you want to get it in front of everyone searching for your products after all?

Internet Marketing – They don’t call it the world wide web for nothing. In fact, the bigger the “web” you can build around your own website, the more ranking and importance you will build. We live in an age of tweets, pins, pluses, instagrams and Facebooks. You should be taking full advantage of ALL of them. Trust me, your customers already are.

If you are at the stage where you are ready for a new website or you need to take your old site to the next level, why not see if Appnet will be a good fit for you? With absolutely zero obligation, one of our consultants can walk you through the process. We will get to know you, your market, your competition and your wishes. From that point, we can SHOW you, not just tell you what your best options are and what will make the most sense within your budget. It will be the best ten minutes you spend all week.

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