What are Local SEO Services?

There are people searching for the types of services that your company provides and types of products that you sell, in your area, and probably in the town you are located in. Think about the last time you needed a painter, or service professional to come to your home. You probably did a Google search to find companies in your area that offered painting services. You may have searched and found a list of companies listed in A, B, C, form.

This is the Google local business listings. It’s been called numerous things over the years, and we are sure that the ‘name’ of the service will change again as Google LOVES to change, integrate, and re-purpose services. Currently, it’s just ‘Google My Business’. Here’s a quick screen grab of what we are discussing. The Google local business results are outlined in the orange box.

google local seo services

Local SEO Services get you found locally, in the business search results that are listed above the organic search results on Google. They are listed underneath the sites that are paying for Adwords in the paid advertising section. Local SEO services can get your company information including phone number, website, operating hours, services and more in front of a user, for far less money than organic professional SEO services cost. Research shows that users stop after seeing the Google business results for any given search, and typically, do not look further down in the search results to the organic search results. Our pricing is customized to each client, give us a call to discuss the options and Local SEO services pricing.

Local seo services are a type of Google ranking that can get you quick traffic and phone calls, and because of a variety of factors, it is a type of ranking that can effectively work and potentially last when you compare it to organic ranking which can be hard to predict. This ranking is effectively a list of business listings that offer the same types of services that the user is looking for. It is very similar to the old Yellow Pages listings and ads. There are things that you can do to boost local SEO listings and it is not dependent on your business name, or how close you are in proximity to the user searching (another words by IP Geo location). Local SEO services takes advantage of the localized audience and targets search keywords that are being searched by locals. This can be an initial traffic booster. Small businesses and start ups benefit from local SEO services in that they can effectively get their name out to the local scene and generate traffic and potential leads from that.

Well before you sign on to become a client, we take time to carefully explain Organic SEO Services, and the expectations that you have. We pride ourselves on providing honest, evidence based answers. Our SEO services pricing are dependent on your goals, and time restraints. When you become a client, we target keywords in the content that will support our professional SEO services in your website design. We offer add-on SEO service packages where you can take advantage of local SEO services and we will target your local audience by assisting with your Google business page, Google SEO marketing and manage your campaigns.

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