Goals, Features, Plan, Design, Results

AppNet’s website strategists have more than 17 years of experience in game planning a successful website. Collectively we offer over 47 years of expert consultation on the various elements of your website with regards to marketing, sales and business processes. During our initial sales process we will:

  • Make sure we are a good fit for You!
  • Understand your goals and wishes for the website
  • Explain our approach and capabilities
  • Discover any needed business functions of your website
  • Propose an strategy with a scope, budget, and schedule

Expectations, Expectations, Expectations

Communicating mutual expectations is the key to a successful project and business relationship. We pride ourselves in asking the right (and sometimes hard) questions and being thorough during the sales process. We work diligently to explain the design process and to clearly understand your website design requirements. We are also great at communicating what you can expect in terms of website success, based on your wishes, website scope and budget.

Communication is a Requirement

Good communication is required to set, meet, and maintain expectations. Our proposal, project game plan, and invoices should support all expectations regarding the website design project.

  • Scope of your design, budget, and schedule are clearly defined and visible to our team and clients.
  • Changes to any goals, content, or scope during the project process are appended to the project plan and approved by the client.
  • All invoices should reflect the approved, appended design plan and any budget increases.

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