search engine rankings released an October 2013 study that showed 53 percent of organic search clicks go to the first link on Google, and 98% come from the Top Ten.

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Simply put, online is where your prospects and customers are hanging out. 70% of online searchers will use Google or Yahoo search to find businesses. If you are looking for more customers/sales, your website needs to be where your customers are searching.

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Advertising on the most popular search engine, Google can be done in two ways; either through organic “natural” listings as a result of Best Practice SEO content creation and good inbound linking, OR through Adwords (paid search advertising). Truthfully, we’ve always focused about 98% of our client’s SEO strategy to be that of the organic variety – however many advocate that a successful online marketing campaign would be one that consists of both (and other online marketing methods, such as email marketing and banner advertising, etc). (See our Digital Marketing page. Interested in our Atlanta Web Design options?)

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