Spring is here, and those birds better not be the only thing tweeting!

If you are over the ripe old age of … oh, say 28, chances are fair that you don’t “use” much social media. Sure maybe you Facebook but so does your grandmother. After that you wouldn’t much know a tweet from a twerk but I promise you, you are letting a HUGE business opportunity slip right on by so don’t be stubborn and learn to embrace some of those things your kids already know.


If you still have no idea what a hashtag is, it is a word or phrase (no spaces) with the # symbol in front of it. … there, your first lesson in tweeting. And what started as way for 16 year old girls to share their sage life experience with the world (or the 63 friends who hung on their every word) has now become a rather powerful tool that you could be using to your advantage AND getting you found much more often in searches! In fact, Google is now showing those hashtags in search results. Test it out. Go to your search bar and type in #Emmys , you will see normal results for the Emmys on the left side where you would expect to see them but the right side of your screen will now be showing social media content that relates to the subject. Not only twitter but blogs as well that people have shared with their Google+ accounts. So, what does that mean for you? Well by this time you should be at least aware that in order to gain ranking you need more content on your website. And while SEO pages or blogs are great, now if you tie those blogs to your social media and share them with the world, you get a nice big BUMP in your exposure as well.


Digital Marketing, if done correctly and you USE all the tools at your disposal, can and WILL pay huge dividends as far as getting YOU in front of your customers. So stop fighting it and go ask your 15 year old to show you how this tweeter-gramer thingy works!

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