Tourism Marketing

tourism marketingTourism marketing is very different than it was just a few years ago. Today tourists do their research from home and have filled the majority of their itinerary before they leave the house. Since most people use the internet for research, an eye catching, informative digital marketing campaign is critical.

Your first impression is your website. Make that home page image convey all the feelings your visitors are looking for: fun, relaxing, adventurous, family, warm, sunny, etc.. Spend some extra time to find the perfect image. Make sure it displays in a clear, high quality format. Are the colors comforting or are they distracting?

What information is the visitor looking for? It may not be what you’ve been presenting. Do you have some local content? What’s going on in town and when? What’s there to do for families with young children or teenage children? How about the singles crowd: girls weekend or guys weekend activities?

What do you look for when planning a trip? Chances are, most of your visitors are not so different from you.

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