Our SEO Services and Approach

It is ALL about “Standing Out From the Crowd” In its simplest form, search engine optimization is really about using logic. At AppNet, we combine keyword research, link management that follows Google and industry best practices, and targeted content creation to attract top rankings, visitors, increased lead generation and sales.

1 (B.G.) (A.G.) (be·fore goo·gle) (af·ter goo·gle)

noun / be-4 goo-gul af-tur goo-gul /

Definition of: (B.G) – (A.G.)

1 – The period that divides our lives into two distinct eras: before Google (BG) and after Google (AG))

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If you are reading this page, you know the effect that Google has had on our lives. If you are not including a targeted Search Engine Optimization campaign (whether Organic or Paid) in your marketing plans – then you are losing clients to your competition every single day.

Let AppNet show you how to put Google to work as your best Sales Rep tomorrow. In the meantime…

Let’s Build a Bridge…and Get Over it.

AppNet has been building a ‘natural bridge’ from web design to search marketing for more than 17 years (B.G.) and things have changed dramatically since (A.G.). In just the last two years Google has applied more than (40) algorithm updates that effectively changed the way that websites rank and it’s important to have a team that can work with you to guarantee success.


We invite you to View this Search Engine Optimization Case Study

search engine optimization

Case Study: The Natural Bridge in Lexington, Virginia

Our Approach

SEO campaigns are highly complex and always changing. Our methodology is designed to gather the proper information from YOU, our client, about your business, your area of coverage and any pertinent insight about your competition, etc.  Whether your business is local, regional or international we will formulate a content strategy that targets your website visitors and converts them into customers.

We will:

  • Establish a baseline of where your website ranks currently with an initial keyword ranking report.
  • Perform a website analysis of what is and isn’t working properly.
  • Perform a Competitive Analysis to see where your main competitors’ websites rank.
  • Do a Keyword analysis to determine the content needed to perform well.
  • Implement our Content Writing to provide the content we can within your budget.
  • Integrate Google accounts such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Armed with the steps above, we can easily provide a blueprint of what is needed to achieve our/your goals and provide you with the most effective SEO campaign possible.

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