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“Website Design? Oh don’t listen to him!”


If you’ve had a website built in the past, how many people did you speak with about developing your website? If you’ve recently undertaken the task of finding a website builder, how many people have you spoken with? If your answer is, “…more than three”, then you are not alone. I’ll venture an educated guess that you’ve – no doubt –  also heard three different takes on how to make your website successful. Knowing who to trust can be rather difficult if you aren’t already very familiar with how ranking and SEO work. I would ask you, how could you be or why should you be familiar or knowledgeable about how SEO works? After all, you have more important things to do, like running a successful business, right?

The task of choosing a truly knowledgeable developer and SEO expert doesn’t have to be that difficult if you apply a little common sense and a skeptical ear to what you are being told. First and possibly most important to consider is, can this company back up what they claim? Can they prove that they know how to make my website work for me? A good website design firm should be more than happy to show you what they have done for past clients. In fact, they should also be able to apply that same “successful formula” to their own website. Are they ranked well on Google? After all, if they are incapable of making it work for themselves, can you really expect they will hit a home run for you?

No one has all of the answers and they shouldn’t claim to. In fact, if you ever hear someone promising you number one rankings, you should turn and run. Unless the person you are talking to gets a paycheck from someone that rhymes with SCOOGLE, they can’t know exactly how ranking works. The general thinking is that Google can sometimes change the search algorithm as much as twice a day and what they are looking at and how much credit they give any one part of a website is a secret they guard very close to the chest. All anyone can go on is the advice they share with the public. Primarily that has to do with not taking short cuts. There is no “trick” to gaining higher ranking and those that DO try to game the system on your behalf will have very short lived success at best. Once Google catches on to a new “trick” they will shut it down and quite often, penalize those who are trying to pull a fast one on them. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to find yourself in that boat…. or you may never find yourself (your website) again in search results.

Find someone willing to put the work into your site. If you plan to have a powerful website in a very competitive market, be ready to pay for that hard work. If you hear big promises for bargain basement prices walk away. If you get advice from someone who is unwilling to SHOW you examples of their success stories, ignore them and find someone who can. While SEO consultants should be willing to tell you WHAT they plan to do and HOW their work will benefit your website, don’t expect firms to teach you how they build successful website design. That isn’t their job and you aren’t looking to launch a new career in internet marketing. As I mentioned at the very beginning, use some common sense. If they show you that they can walk the walk, you know you have someone you can listen to.

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