Who NEEDS to be the #1 Salesperson with Your Company?

You MAY be surprised at the answer!

SEO ConsultantsOkay the image that appears to the right or that prompted you to click and read this BLOG may have already given the answer away. However, the content of the rest of this BLOG may be thought-provoking enough to warrant the read. (Hope so. Also if you think one of your business-owning friends could benefit from this post – please pass it on via email.)

Let me explain HOW Google is the Biggest, Baddest Sales Rep on the Planet and HOW you’re probably not using them in that fashion. I’ll also detail a hint at HOW to do so.

Before I get too far into this BLOG, let me go ahead and place credit where credit is due. You can Google all day long and I don’t think you’ll find it ANYWHERE else but right here – where we are referencing a change that is needed in your thinking as it applies to Google being your NUMBER ONE SALES REP. (Go ahead and Google it. We’ll wait.)…okay, you’re back and you didn’t find anything where any other SEO firm is referring to Google as THAT guy or gal that you need to hire to your sales staff. The second bit of credit that I need to give out…is the fact that the genius who came up with this concept – is/was NOT yours truly.

I’m going to go ahead and put this out there on the “interwebs” that Matt Snyder, of AppNet New Media Studio developed the idea of Google as THE NUMBER ONE SALESPERSON ON THE GLOBE on February 25, 2014. Prior to that, I’m pretty certain that all of the rest of us not-so-brilliant, SEO Consultants had not really portrayed Google that way. However, let me elaborate.


Would You Pay Me 10-20% Commission on Sales that I Make for you?

Before you answer, let me set the table a little. I am one HELL of a good salesman. I’ve been in sales in one form or another since I was still a wet-behind-the-ears, young man in 1972. I went to work for my dad – who was the General Manager of a nationally, well-known insurance agency. That experience parlayed into forays into other sales arenas where I somewhat successfully sold mobile homes, furniture (retail and wholesale), magazine advertising – before finally (in 1996) I settled into website sales, development and digital marketing.

You could presume – since I have made a living all these years since 1972, that I must have always been pretty decent in sales – AND that I’ve probably gotten better at it over the years. I’d put myself right “up there” with the very best salespeople that I have rubbed shoulders with – and even though we operate in a much smaller “pond” – I think I’m probably every bit as talented as some “sales gods” in our industry.

Now that I’ve provided a brief resume and tooted the heck out of my own horn. Let me ask you again in more detail. If I came to you and said something like the following:

“Hi, my name is Mike Doble and I want to go to work for you with NO salary. You don’t have to train me AT ALL. You don’t have to spend ONE moment of time bringing me up to speed on your product and services. I will do all of the “heavy lifting” myself. If I bring you a brand new sale every day (or perhaps hundreds of new sales every single day) – would you be willing to pay me a referral fee or commission? I’m flexible about how much you pay me, but I’m thinking that somewhere between 5% and 20% (depending on your product or service) is a fair price to pay to have me selling the HELL out of your company. I will represent you with integrity, honesty and your new customer will sing my praises.”


Would you hire me?

Look I can SEE you guys and I can’t believe I just saw ONE of you shaking your head no! I KNOW you’re kidding. You’d hire me in a second, admit it.

Now take MY talents and outreach and multiply that by INFINITY, take THAT to the depths of forever, and you still BARELY have a glimpse of what I’m talking about. (I stole that sentence from one of my personal movie favs, Meet Joe Black – but it applies here. Let me explain.)

I have personally spoken to THOUSANDS of clients, customers and potential clients in all of my years in sales. I really wish I knew how many thousands but if you’ll indulge me another moment:

If I had worked EVERY working day within the last 42 years that I’ve been in sales – AND if I had spoken to 20 potential clients every day during those 42 years, I would have conducted 168,000 sales calls. (Man, I’m now tired just thinking of that and of course I have not spoken to that many people.)

So, I’m probably worthy of you hiring me and paying me a decent commission per sale, right? No, I’m not interviewing for a job.


However, now let’s look at who I KNOW to Be THE BEST SALESPERSON ON PLANET EARTH:

Last year, 2,161,530,000,000 people searched Google for SOMETHING, EVERYTHING. YOUR PRODUCTS. YOUR SERVICES.

I can’t even BEGIN to spell that out in everyday language. It’s way more than my brain can comprehend. I can do it somewhat easier by telling you that they averaged 5,922,000,000 searched PER DAY. Okay, I can do that one – it is FIVE BILLION, NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO MILLION searches every single day! (The chart at the bottom of this blog is kind of interesting to see Google’s exponential growth over the years since 1998.)

So let’s get to my initial point – HIRE GOOGLE!

If after all of my pleading for a sales job – if you had given a glimmer of a “YES” that you’d hire me on a commission basis – then WHY THE HECK would you not hire THE BEST SALESPERSON ON EARTH? The truth is Google is better than me. It pains me to say it, but they are.



I’m going to give you a few, no-brainer reasons:

1. Google IS changing their business model in ways that WILL shake the earth in terms of how websites are going to found in the future. They are implementing small changes every day and we can show you how and why it is important to enact a strategy to take advantage of these changes now.
2. While I and the best salespeople on the planet have to go out and FIND new leads and customers for you – BILLIONS of people are going to Google every day LOOKING for businesses that provide your products and services. Why not let those people COME TO YOU?
3. Google won’t miss ONE DAY of work. Not one. They won’t have sick days; they won’t take time off for vacations, pregnancies and they won’t have drug or drinking or depression problems. They won’t have attitudes that you have to work around. They won’t have car problems. They will simply sell brand new clients and customers EVERY SINGLE DAY.


For those reasons and SO MANY MORE, Google should be considered as THE NUMBER ONE SALES REP on your marketing team. Too many business owners have grown complacent and stuck in a mindset that they should just put all of their efforts into finding ways (good and bad) to get to the top of Google’s organic rankings with NO thought that there are simple ways to INVEST in Google. By “invest” I mean with great content…with advertising on Google…and link building (which also plays into the Google mix).

Another way to look at it is this – I don’t know ONE business owner who wouldn’t commit to paying out $10,000 for every $100,000 that I or any other sales rep could deliver. By simply building a website and putting it out there with NO REAL SEO/SEM strategy that involves the Gorilla Marketing GIANT of the century – is simply nuts!

If you’d like to know more about how to hire Google and put them to work for your company’s sales staff…feel free to call me. I won’t hound you for a job. I’ve got one. I sell for Google!

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3,600,000 *Googles official first year



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