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Do You Need a Web Designer or a Marketing Partner?

everybody's building websitesWe’ve been in the industry of web development for nearly 20 years. Perhaps the one thing that we’ve seen the largest growth in over the last several years is the number of “web designers” that there are in America. I should probably say “worldwide” because of all of the India-based designers that we hear from nearly everyday.

Would You Believe That There Are 100s of Thousands of “Web Designers” in the U.S. Alone?

According to several yellow page websites, there are more than 30,000 companies categorized under “web design” and more than 50,000 companies categorized as “websites”. Then add in all of the “one-man-shops” and marketing & ad agencies that have gotten into website design and the number soars.

On top of that – every kid coming out of high-school these days is a “computer guru” according to their parents. If you’re in business and you’re reading this, chances are that YOU know someone who you feel “knows everything that there is to know about computers, web design and ‘all things internet'”.

I’m in conversations nearly every day with business owners and perhaps the most common thing that I hear when it comes to discussing web development is that they know someone who is a genius at building websites.

Here’s Something to Consider: What is More Important? Knowing How to Push Some Graphics Around a Page, or Knowing How to Get Prospective Customers to Visit Your Website?

Website design is child’s play these days. Any web design company who tries to tell you different is lying. You can freely get access to tens of thousands of templates with programs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and in about a day (for even the least computer savvy person) you can have a website. Website design has gotten SO EASY that Wix,, GoDaddy and others say that they will actually build your website FOR NOTHING. NO COST. NADA. There are tens of thousands of India-based designers who will build your website for pennies on the dollar.

So if all of these people are willing to build your website for NOTHING, ask yourself, “WHAT IS A WEBSITE ACTUALLY WORTH?”

I would argue that a website, by itself, is worth very little really. How much is one of your business cards worth? Go ahead and pull one out of your wallet and have a look at it. It has your company logo on it; maybe your photograph and perhaps some bulleted services that you render and your contact information, right? In your own hand that business card is worth nothing. Admit it, you’ve probably used a business card to jot down some reminder or note that you needed to remember. Now – pass one of those same business cards to a prospect and it just became worth something.

That is how websites work as well. ANYONE can build a website these days. Certainly a professional can create a better LOOKING website. A pro will probably do a better job of organizing the flow and navigation of a website. However, how a website LOOKS makes only a small amount of difference in terms of how productive that website will be.

business-cardsThink about it this way. Grab a hundred of your business cards and stick them in your pocket and walk around with them for a month or two – only handing out one or two cards in that span of time. No matter how amateurish or professional those business cards are – how much good are they doing you sitting in your pocket with only a sporadic few being seen by prospective customers? Now go to your local mall and place one under every windshield wiper in the mall parking lot. More people will see them but will everyone who sees them KEEP them or will they throw them away?

The MAJORITY of websites that we see are basically nothing more than an online business card. If you occasionally tell people to visit your site, then you’ll get the occasional visitor.

Just Because ‘Johnny’ Can Build a Website, Does NOT Make Him a Marketing Person…

marketing-kidImagine that every time that someone needed a service or product that your company provides – that one of your business cards would magically appear in their hands. Picture it – a potential customer is sitting in their favorite recliner, thinking about the very service or product that your company can provide and instead of seeing any other company – he sees your business card appear in his hands. THAT is what a successful and well-ranked website can do for you.

ANYONE can build a website these days. YOU CAN. However, only the very best, most diligent web design companies these days know how to make your website show up at the top of the search engines. Oh sure – they ALL say that they’re good at it – but that too is a lie.

Making a website productive takes a lot of time and effort. There is NO perfect, step-by-step science for every website – that will insure that it will get all of the traffic possible. Every website is different because every industry is different. Some industries are more competitive than others. Where a business is located also determines how competitive that industry might be.

For example, if you’re trying to get a jewelry website ranked well in Big Horn, Wyoming (population 490) then ‘little Johnny’ could be your web guy. However if you want that jewelry website to rank well in Houston, Texas or nationwide on Google – forget it…it isn’t happening unless you hire the right professional (and be prepared to spend a lot of money).

Likewise, getting a real estate website ranked well for “Bombay Beach, California homes for sale” (population 295) is a piece of cake. If you’re a realtor in Charlotte, North Carolina you’ll need to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to rank at the top of Google for even a few important search terms that would drive home buyers to your website.

That is Where a True Internet Marketing Professional is Needed

Chance are “little Johnny, the computer savant” is not going to be able to help you think the way that your average customer or client would think. He can’t; he’s probably still got a lot of MUSH for brains. Didn’t YOU when you were 15-25 years old? Heck, my own brain didn’t clear from an adolescent fog until I was in my 30s. If your average customer or client is in the 25-50 year old demographic and making in excess of $100K a year – do you REALLY want “little Johnny” thinking on your behalf about HOW to get your business in front of those people?

Getting true, productive traffic to your website is more “savvy, marketing” and “reverse thought engineering” than it is technical. It is more about recognizing how your customers and clients think and about how and what they might search Google for – than about how to upload files to a server. It is about how to create valuable content on your website that will get your website seen at the top of Google.

If you ask “Johnny” about what he thinks is the best way to market your company, he’ll probably advise you to advertise at the latest Demi Lavoto or Selena Gomez concert – because THAT’S what and who he’s crushing on right now. Ask an internet marketing professional the same question and you’ll probably get some valuable options and suggestions that will pay off in gaining new customer and clients.

When it comes to that “person that you know, who knows someone, who has a son who has built HUNDREDS of really great websites” – get him to clean his damn room and leave the all-important marketing of your company to a professional.

If “Little Johnny” is still living at home, dressing like a bum, driving the vehicle that mom or dad bought him – chances are NONE of those hundreds of sites he built are worth anything more than your single business card.

If you’re interested in a website that will generate new customer and business for your company, then click here – Hire a Website Designer with Proven Results

Personalized E Commerce Recommendations

Ecommerce is huge, there is no doubt about it. You don’t want to lose out and miss opportunities to sell your products and services to users surfing on the Internet. You may have been reluctant in the past to sell anything online or fear that you cannot afford an online store and all that it entails. The truth is, ecommerce web development is not all that much more complicated than your average website that does not have a shopping cart.

According to (an online statistics site sharing from 18,000 sources), current statistics state that 40% of worldwide internet users have bought products online via desktop,mobile, tablet, or other online devices. What that means to those selling anything is that there are over 1 billion online buyers, and these figures are only growing. It would be wise to capitalize on those users. There are a few factors that come to mind when you think about the best looking online stores that you may have bought from in the past. If you are like most store owners, you want a custom E commerce online store solution that will be easy to use and update. Of course, another important aspect is ensuring that your online ecommerce store stands out from the rest and is personalized. Lastly, security of users’ online data including payment information is crucial.

There are several excellent ways to get your products in front of the consumer. It’s smart to offer personalized E commerce recommendations about products that you think the user will be interested in, on product pages themselves. Think about it, a product page is just another page for you to add content to for SEO and display more, that’s right, PRODUCTS. It is helpful to users because they may not know all of the different items that you sell and their variations. Having your ecommerce web development set up to display related products and cross sell products based on the products that a user is searching for and looking at is crucial for online sales. Once a user puts an item in their cart, it’s helpful to show them products that are typically bought with the product that they added to their cart. Stores that utilize this method of displaying store content to the user usually see larger shopping cart totals and a dramatic rise in sales.

Boost Your Rankings and Boost Website Traffic

Your search engine placement and Google local ranking matter a great deal to your bottom line. We have heard countless anxiety ladden stories over the 20 years that we have been working in website design and search engine placement. One month your business is ranking well and being found on Google using a variety of search terms. You make one decision to stop a paid service, or cut off a website, and your phone stops ringing. Your leads are drying up. You panic. You start wondering what you did, only to realize you do not have a grasp on what services you had to begin with, and you were not getting valuable and clear advice from your website design company. It is clear that you need to find someone to help you boost SEO traffic. Appnet provides clear answers that you need to help you make the important decisions for your business. We can help you boost your rankings and boost the amount of users you see coming to your site.

It is hard to know who to trust when considering such a crucial component of your business’s marketing. Check out what some of our current and past clients have to say about what it is like to work with us by viewing our reviews on Google or click and view some of our recent work. We offer personalized service to each and every client because that is what the SEO industry calls for. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ SEO trick for everyone.  Any company that describes such a scenario should be suspect. Our Boost SEO Packages are customized and tailored to the specific needs of each individual client/business.  Our authenticity in approach is not something that every firm offers. Give us a call or fill our our contact form to find out more.

Now more than ever, your online presence is important for marketing your business. This includes: your website, search engine optimization placement, and social media profiles and campaigns. A key component to boosting your website’s rankings on the search engines is to provide reliable, up-to-date information about your industry or product. That means effective digital marketing is one of the cornerstones of your overall business marketing plan. Give us a shout via our contact form or call us when you are ready to find out how to start an account.

What’s New at AppNet? How about our own website?

Web design trends are ever-changing. Something that worked well 2-5 years ago may no longer. We implemented a new website in February of 2014 and even since then things have changed so much that we decided to “do it all over again”. We launched our new website January 23rd, 2015 with the focus on “showing off” some of our newer design clients right on the front page. After all, who better to “sell AppNet” than our own clients?

As with any new website – steps had to be taken to retain our strong, top Google rankings and other content such as YouTube tutorials and more. The new website includes all of the bells & whistles that any business should want in a new website such as full CMS, SEO tools, interactive galleries and more.

Our Team Wants You to Know that We Can Help You With This…

We Believe that It’s Better to Outsmart the Competition than to Outspend Them

Founded in 1996, Appnet has become one of the top ranked web design and search engine optimization firms in the country. We offer products and services in three main categories: web design, website development, and digital marketing with a dedication to creativity and building strong relationships with clients.

We’re a group of like-minded people who agree on a few simple but profound truths:

– It’s more fun to be great at your job than it is to be mediocre.
– It’s better to outsmart the competition than to outspend them.
– Integrity matters.

These principles have produced some remarkable results for our clients (and we think they can do the same thing for you). We invite your contact.

search engine ranking scams


OH NO! WE’RE NOT TOP RANKED FOR “FLORISTS IN FLORENCE”…Rarely a day goes by that we don’t receive emails from so-called “seo pros” about how much they love our website – but also just how badly it’s doing on the search engines. We work with more than 1100 websites and because of that and the fact that we own hundreds more – we receive emails every day from people soliciting us about how they can help get us that top Google ranking that “we don’t have”.We’ve written about this before so I won’t belabor that today. Our clients receive these kinds of emails all of the time – which creates extra work for us because they don’t know who to trust … so they forward these emails to us looking for more answers and input.If you’ve owned a website more than three months old you’ve certainly got more than your share of these solicitations. You know – they read something like:”Hi, I was browsing around and came to your website and I really enjoyed it. However I also noticed that it isn’t ranking for important search terms that would be valuable for getting you vastly more traffic. I can help with that and would like the opportunity to speak with you about options.”These emails seem harmless enough. What you should know about these emailers is that they are sending those emails out to EVERY email address on every domain name that they can spider and they RARELY, if ever actually perform any research to see where and IF a website is ranking. They simply know that 113% of business owners WANT more traffic and so they burn up the internet emailing these kinds of solicitations.Everyone wants more traffic, so TENS OF THOUSANDS of people fall prey to these scams and spam and spend money and NOTHING in the way of improvement comes from the money spent.ANYWAY – I personally received THIS ONE BELOW today and I had to share it. It looks innocent enough as the young “lady” actually provided her name – Clarissa Griffin. It APPEARS that she even included her domain name –

SEO-bullShe wrote:My name is Clarissa G. and I was browsing around and came over to your site I see you have some great work done on your site but there are some problems which are spoiling your Google search rankings and resulting in lower traffic then it could get.I see you have 0 errors but according to W3C validator which needs to be solved right away if you want to index your site on the search engines properly. Currently your site is listed at 3rd position of 32nd page for keyword florists in florence which can easily be improved just by fixing those W3C validator reported errors.I can send you a complete list of changes and fixes we will do for you to improve your site traffic and revenue. Kindly let me know if you want me to prepare the list and best possible price to do the tasks.Regards,Clarissa G.NOW HERE’S THE FUNNY PART…First, if you ever REPLY to any of these kinds of emails you’re most often actually NOT replying to the email address that you THINK you are. In this case there IS NO as a reply email address. It SPOOFS or goes elsewhere. Chances are her real name is “Peggy” and “she’s” from Va Duz, Liechtenstein where she’s also known as Leonhard or Bohdan.Translation, NEVER reply to these kinds of emails because if they’re not willing to actually send them from a legit address, then they’re probably NO TO BE TRUSTED with your CREDIT CARD, right?Okay…but for the comedy in this particular solicitation.I’ve received thousands of these kinds of emails before and I’d had some odd ones from time to time. I love it when these emailers tell me that we’re NOT ranked well, when we’re NUMBER ONE for many important search terms.However the emailer above “Clarissa” emailed us on one of our SKI RESORT websites. It ranks at the top of Google for thousands of search terms that are related to SNOW and SKIING and other winter sports related terms.Clarissa really did her homework on this one though as she alludes to “some problems which are spoiling your Google search rankings and resulting in lower traffic then it could get.”She then goes on to tell me that we don’t have any “errors” but then shares, “Currently your site is listed at 3rd position of 32nd page for keyword florists in florence which can easily be improved just by fixing those W3C validator reported errors.”OH BABY! We’re ranked 323rd for “FLORISTS IN FLORENCE” on a ski website!I won’t be able to sleep tonight!Until next time…avoid these emails like the plague that they are!

Google Adwords is Not for the Faint of Heart or “Tight of Budget”

Buyer’s Remorse…

A second title to this post could be, “Be Careful or Google will take your money and RUN!”A THIRD title could be, “If you’re thinking of running your own Google Adword Campaign, think again.”Now that I’ve gotten ALL of that negativity out of the way, let me preface the REST of this post by saying that I would still recommend spending money with Google Adwords for many clients. I will STILL spend some money with them myself – for our own website. However, I will also state emphatically that you have to be nearly “Solomon WISE” to consider all of the nuances that could go into whether or not your Google Adwords investment will make fiscal sense.You’ve probably heard that Google AdWords can be a powerful lead generation tool.  What you may not realize is that AdWords can also be a huge money vacuum.  If you don’t know how to properly manage your Google AdWords account, you are essentially flushing your money down the toilet more often than adwords expensiveA poorly optimized campaign can be very expensive.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, Google won’t hesitate to rob you blind. They make a TON of money off of “user error” as they call it. You can call them and make every case for a refund and more often than not they will debate you and send you every link to articles across the internet that will tell you how stupid you are for not knowing everything in advance.Worse still is the fact that you can actually make LOGICAL ARGUMENTS using Google Analytics that the Adwords aren’t doing what they are/were supposed to and all you’ll get from a Google rep is, “Who are you going to believe? Me (Google) or YOUR lying eyes.”Consider this recent test:In early March we tested a Google Adword Campaign wherein we spent $150 a day for a week for specific keywords that apply to the web design industry and a targeted area. With that budget split between TWO ad groups of $75 per day when the smoke cleared we had received around 78,558 impressions that week. We received 138 clicks and spent $831.56 for those visitors to our website.That was around $5.60 per click which is not bad. We tracked the results of those visitors and we picked up ONE new client who spent $2000 with us. A little pricey when you consider that Google made 41.5% “commission” off of me – when we typically pay sales reps 25%. However, I think any business person will spend $831 to make $2K every day, right?We spent some time researching the results of those 138 visitors and it appears that we received traffic from 31 paid keywords and all of those visitors spent time on our website and ALL of them looked at 2-5 pages of content. So all in all – not overly impressive, but a semi-successful test. Anytime you can MAKE money, that’s a good thing.NOW FAST FORWARD TO APRIL 1st…and before you ask the question – no this was not an April Fool’s Joke unless you consider “the joke was on me”.I had an idea on Sunday evening to run another test with what I thought was an AWESOME “call to action”.This time I figured I’d spend $500 on April 1st with Google (for that one day) and I’d direct the visitors to a front page that read that the visitors to could dicate WHATEVER web design work they desired for any size project AND they could then name their own price for that design job.Not bad, I thought. So we turned on the SAME keywords as in early March and we upped our daily budget to $500 and we sat back waiting for the phone calls and emails.They never came. In fact even though we spent FIVE TIMES MORE money that on any day in March, we only saw 2,245 impressions AND only (16) total visitors to our website. For that privilege we paid a WHOPPING AVERAGE of $30.80 per visitor. THIS TIME we only saw traffic to our website from (9) keywords and HERE is the interesting part – on 7 of 9 of those keywords (according to Google Analytics) we saw 100% BOUNCE RATES and 0:00 time spent on the website.What took me personally by surprise (and this is where Google Adwords can bite you in the ass) is that for ONE of our 16 visitors we paid $76.61! According to Google’s own Adwords Keyword Tool, that particular search term is valued at $25.72.So how did that happen, you ask?Because I’m personally an idiot and didn’t take my OWN advice and get one our professionals to handle this test…or didn’t get Google directly involved. I was bolstered by my own field test the month before and I wrongly estimated that if $900 worked for a week or so, then $500 would do wonders for one day.What you NEED to know is that Google’s AUTOMATED BIDDING handling CAN spend your $500 on ONE CLICK. If you read Google’s explanation of what AUTOMATED means, you would assume that if the number TWO adword guy paid $27.05 for a search term, then Google would grab perhaps $27.10 from your budget and spend that amount for the NUMBER ONE spot.Oh, noooooo.  They can spend what they WANT to – unless you ALSO select a MAX high bid per term as well. Somehow last month when I only spent a max of $150 in a day Google was more frugal with my money than when I agreed to spend $500.So this little field test prompted me to call Google and get them on the phone. After all, SEVEN of the NINE keywords that they sent those (16) visitors to my site for – LEFT my website after looking at ONE page of my website and 0:00 time.Sound like some kind of error to you? Me too.According to “Melissa, the Google rep” she told me that my eyes were lying to me. She said that these 16 visitors all could have spent an hour on my front page and just chose not to click on any links and that my 0:00 time spent on the page doesn’t reflect any time spent on my website UNLESS and UNTIL they click on another page.Are you confused? I was too.I used LOGIC and asked sweet Melissa the following question, “Last month we spent $831.56 and received 138 visitors and they all looked at 2-5 pages and all spent 2-4 minutes on ANY and every page. On April 1st we spent nearly $500 dollars on the SAME keywords and only saw (16) visitors and on 7 of 9 keywords saw 0:00 time on page and only ONE page viewed…with 100% bounce rate. Does that make sense?”Logic got me nowhere, because as sweet as Melissa was, she just wanted to spend minutes saying things like, “Let me sum up what your questions and concerns are. You spent…” and then she’d simply RESTATE what I had already stated. Then she’d place me on hold multiple times and come back and want to sum up things again…with no explanation or resolution.Now bear in mind that I work with 1100+ clients – MANY of whom spend money with Google Adwords and for whom ALL of them have NO REAL idea as to HOW WELL Adwords work for them. They know that they get SOMETHING from them, but they don’t know WHAT they get. Hence – my field test.What I wasn’t bargaining for was that the MORE you allot for a daily budget on Google Adwords, the MORE you need to be careful. Google can and WILL burn a hole through that budget in NO time whether you get ANYTHING out of it or not.What I could not fathom was how we had NO call to action on our test last month and got something from it…and this time had a KILLER call to action and got nothing but a $500 credit card bill.I’m a pretty smart guy…so I “stayed the course with Sweet Melissa” figuring that I was AT LEAST going to make a new friend with Melissa Google. (I’m certain that was her name…)After realizing that my $500 was gone – never to be seen again – I moved on to more productive conversation with Miss Google. She informed me that I should set my daily maximum which is NOT REALLY A MAXIMUM.

pauseI’m going to hit the [PAUSE] button for a second and broach this little bit of news for the uninformed.

google-money-TACOHELLGoogle can spend $536 if you set your MAX to $500. I still haven’t figured that one out except that I get the feeling that it’s like the Taco Hell drive-through lady who has given me back $1 less change than I was supposed to get on each of my last three visits there. I guess if she gets away with it 40 times a day, she’s given herself a nice raise.  If Google does the same thing with a MILLION people a day, then they make an extra $36,000,000 a day. The Taco Hell chick needs to learn how that’s done.


A-n-y-w-a-y, so anyway Miss Google advised me to set the DAILY BUDGET, then AUTOMATE bidding (both of which I did April 1st AND last month) but to ALSO set a MAX BID LIMIT per ad group.After taking a moment to let that sink in I couldn’t help but think – SHOULDN’T THAT BE AUTOMATED IN MY BEST INTEREST BY GOOGLE WHEN YOU SELECT “AUTOMATE BIDDING”?The answer is OBVIOUSLY, LOGICALLY “yes”…but not according to Miss Google.I won’t belabor that point of contention and debate except to inform you that NOBODY should allow Google to AUTOMATICALLY DO ANYTHING. ANYTHING THAT GOOGLE AUTOMATES will cost you money – period.Let me explain my point. Let’s say you want to come up 1-3 for two separate keywords. For the purpose of this illustration I will use the following:web design – which is valued by Google as a suggested bid of $11.49web design companies – valued at $10.49internet marketing raleigh – valued at $25.72Let’s say I have a $500 budget for the day and I go AUTOMATED BIDDING with a MAX cap.  Google COULD and DOES allow you to spend $76 for one click even when the NUMBER TWO Adword guy might have spent $25. So THAT’S NUTS, right?So let’s use Miss Google’s recommendation of setting a MAX PER CLICK AUTOMATED figure. Let’s assume that I want my Adwords investment to pay off so I need to show up in spots 1-3. I would assume that I will need to spend around $12 for the first two keywords above – but for the most expensive one – if I automated my MAX Ad Groups per click to that $12, then I’d not show up at the top for the third keyword. The only way I’d show up for all three keywords in my Ad Group would be to set the MAX click bid to $26 per click. The problem THERE is that Google would burn $26 on a click that should have only cost me $11 or so. I guess it isn’t “robbery” if you trust that they’re looking out for you with Automated processes.SO, my friends…the ONLY way to go is to set a MAX daily budget and know that Google WILL spend a bit more than your daily budget…and then go KEYWORD by KEYWORD and set the PER CLICK expenditure that you are willing to pay FOR EACH TERM.  The price that Google values keywords for can change every single time you look in Adwords Keyword Tool, so you’ll HAVE to monitor your campaign account to see where you are AVERAGING coming up. If you are showing 1-3 then all is great. If you’re not, then up your max per click a bit. …and you should do this per Adword…not per group.If Google is SAVING YOU TIME with AUTOMATION, they WILL automate some extra money for themselves, no different than my local Taco Hell girl.Be advised. Don’t go for the shortcuts when it comes to Adwords. They can still pay off…but just know that your results MAY vary. You’re not going to get rich off of Google Adwords any more or less than any other, traditional advertising. If you work it smart, it works. Just don’t expect any get-rich moments to come. …and don’t expect Google to refund you any money if you screw up or even when THEY do.Keep your cards close to the vest and keep a tight grip on your money…cause Google is VERY loose with it.keep-calm-and-stay-focusedThe best tip I can provide you is to keep your Adwords SMALL and focused. Small, targeted groups will spend your funds more frugally and wisely (not a word according to Miss Google).  If you use keywords and ads that Google deems to be a low quality score, they can charge you more. Not sure why that is, but it’s kind of like a tax on being stupid.That’s where LANDING PAGES come into play because your keyword that you’re targeting should appear in your ad and on your landing page. That’s ALSO not convenient when you want to sell widgets to people in every city of the United States.Adwords can be complicated and take some time to learn.  However, it’s important to keep your campaign up to date and optimized. If you keep working, you will see positive results…even if THE MOST POSITIVE RESULTS will be MORE for “Miss Google” than for you.Such is life.

Who Owns Website

This is a question that comes up from time to time – particularly when new clients come to us. Let’s get right to the answer and then elaborate!


who owns website…or you should anyway. However a little too often we have new clients come to us wanting us to redesign their old website and when we go to transfer the domain name we find that the domain name is in the name of the web designer or design firm.  We’ve contacted designers only to hear that they do so for the security of their clients, etc. However, there is really NO GOOD REASON why a domain name should be registered in any other name – than yours.

The best way to determine IF you own your domain name is to search it in the “WHOIS” database. WHOIS means just what it sounds like; you can find out (pretty much) WHO IS the owner of any domain name on the net. There are MANY WHOIS search tools, and sometimes you may have to search more than one to see the actual data connected with a domain name, however ONE easy one to use is at Network Solutions. You can go here – WHOIS DATABASE – and type in a domain name and determine ownership.  If your domain name was registered through GoDaddy, you may have to go to their WHOIS search tool to see ownership details there. Click here if you’ve determined that your domain name was purchased through them.

There are FOUR basic parts of any domain name. They are:

REGISTRANT (that is the owner of a domain name and it should reflect YOUR NAME if you’re checking on your domain name).

BILLING CONTACT (obviously this is the person who will receive the annual domain name renewal invoices).

TECH CONTACT (This is usually the web hosting firm)

ADMIN CONTACT (This should be whoever is handling your website)

If you purchase a domain name through your web developer, you should make certain that you are indeed listed as the REGISTRANT so that you can move that domain name anytime you like. You should also make certain that the EMAIL ADDRESS under REGISTRANT is your, valid email address…otherwise that too can make things difficult to transfer if the need ever arises.


Over the last few years we’ve seen less and less issues arising wherein a web designer makes a claim that he or she owns the website content because they built it. However it still comes up from time to time where some rather protective web design claims that they own the content that they designed. That simply is not the case, unless you have not yet PAID for the design work that was done.  However if you have PAID for the design work, THEN it is yours. It is just that simple.

If you ever have an issue with a web designer who claims that you cannot move your website because they own the work, try this argument. Ask them what kind of vehicle they drive. Then respond with something like, “I’ll be by your place in a little bit because Ford says they own your truck!” They catch your meaning pretty quickly unless they’re being purposely obtuse!

To be clear, if you have paid us or any other designer to build a website AND you’ve paid for it…then everything about that website – the design, layout, artwork, imagery, programming, content pages, SEO – EVERYTHING is yours. If you’re needing to move your website and seem to having a dispute with your designer and can’t handle that conversation because you just “don’t know the lingo” – call our team here at AppNet and we’ll get that handled quickly for you.