Is it REALLY Good Enough being Ranked in the Top 10?

Oh NO! Where’s my SEO? released an October 2013 study that showed 53 percent of organic search clicks go to the first link.

top ten search engine rankings

So let me see if I can paint the proper picture here.

You’ve instructed your webmaster to “Get my website ranked in the top ten on Google!”

Let’s say that you are ranked #10 on Google for 20 search terms that – according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool – are good for 2000 visitors a month.

On the surface, it looks like your developer did a pretty good job, right? After all, you’re now ranked in the top 10 for 20 good search terms.


If your website is now ranked 10th for all of these (20) search terms AND Google says that the 20 terms are searched for 2000 times a month – you’re sitting on easy street, right?

Not so fast. According to and others who are tracking Google’s search trends – those 20 #10 rankings will probably send around (40) visitors to your website next month!

If you were #4 for all of those same search terms, you’d see 120 visitors.If you were #2 for the same terms, you’d probably see around 300 visitors.

WANNA KNOW ABOUT #1? How’s 1,060 potential clients sound to you? Better right?


The trick these days is to win as many TOP TEN rankings as possible for as many search terms as possible. In most industries there are probably 500-1000 different search terms that would benefit your bottom line. So when you are developing an SEO campaign, you need to think about VOLUME when it comes to rankings AND think NUMBER ONE!

Read more about optimizing your website at the two sources below:

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search listings are on top

The report opens by introducing the split between the two different types of listings that can appear within a Google search results page – organic and paid. The data highlights that a staggering 85% of all search listings are organic, whereas a mere 15% of listings are from paid advertising.


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