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Do You Need a Web Designer or a Marketing Partner?

We've been in the industry of web development for nearly 20 years. Perhaps the one thing that we've seen the largest growth in over the last several years is the number of "web designers" that there are in America. I should probably say "worldwide" because of all of the India-based designers that we hear from nearly everyday.Would You Believe That There Are 100s of Thousands of "Web Designers" in the U.S. Alone?According to several yellow page websites, there are more than 30,000 companies categorized under "web design" and more than 50,000 companies categorized as "websites". Then add in all of ... Read the Full Article

Personalized E Commerce Recommendations

Ecommerce is huge, there is no doubt about it. You don't want to lose out and miss opportunities to sell your products and services to users surfing on the Internet. You may have been reluctant in the past to sell anything online or fear that you cannot afford an online store and all that it entails. The truth is, ecommerce web development is not all that much more complicated than your average website that does not have a shopping cart.According to (an online statistics site sharing from 18,000 sources), current statistics state that 40% of worldwide internet users have bought ... Read the Full Article

Boost Your Rankings and Boost Website Traffic

Your search engine placement and Google local ranking matter a great deal to your bottom line. We have heard countless anxiety ladden stories over the 20 years that we have been working in website design and search engine placement. One month your business is ranking well and being found on Google using a variety of search terms. You make one decision to stop a paid service, or cut off a website, and your phone stops ringing. Your leads are drying up. You panic. You start wondering what you did, only to realize you do not have a grasp on what ... Read the Full Article

What’s New at AppNet? How about our own website?

Web design trends are ever-changing. Something that worked well 2-5 years ago may no longer. We implemented a new website in February of 2014 and even since then things have changed so much that we decided to "do it all over again". We launched our new website January 23rd, 2015 with the focus on "showing off" some of our newer design clients right on the front page. After all, who better to "sell AppNet" than our own clients?As with any new website - steps had to be taken to retain our strong, top Google rankings and other content such ... Read the Full Article

Westglow Resort & Spa Awards Design Contract to AppNet

Westglow Resort & Spa is one of the world's top ranked destination spas and they announced on September 23rd, 2014 that they have awarded AppNet New Media as their new web design, development and internet marketing contract. "We are proud to earn their business. We know that they went through a rigorous process to come to the decision to choose AppNet as their new design firm", states owner Mike Doble. He added, "We know that Westglow is a world-renowned resort & spa and that the owners have specific ideas and needs for their website and we are looking forward to taking ... Read the Full Article

Mobile Website Traffic 2014

IF YOUR WEBSITE ISN’T MOBILE FRIENDLY, YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS TOP REASONS YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE SHOULD BE MOBILE OPTIMIZEDThese are probably two of the top ten most blogged subjects on the internet right now when it comes to related content about SEO, WEBSITE VISITATION, etc. The numbers are "all over the place" in terms of how people are surfing the net these days. What is undeniable however is that more and more of them are "Googling" from their mobile devices.We run Google Analytics on most all of our clients websites if you compare month to month over the last year you ... Read the Full Article

search engine ranking scams

OH NO! WE’RE NOT TOP RANKED FOR “FLORISTS IN FLORENCE”… OH NO! WE'RE NOT TOP RANKED FOR "FLORISTS IN FLORENCE"...Rarely a day goes by that we don't receive emails from so-called "seo pros" about how much they love our website - but also just how badly it's doing on the search engines. We work with more than 1100 websites and because of that and the fact that we own hundreds more - we receive emails every day from people soliciting us about how they can help get us that top Google ranking that "we don't have".We've written about this before so ... Read the Full Article

How Can I Get My Website Ranked on Top of Google?

There are ONLY TWO WAYS to maintain Top Rankings on Google I'm going to go against all of the recent marketing trends with today's post. If you are searching Google for things like:1. I need top search engine rankings.2. How can I get my website ranked at the top of Google?3. I want my website to get top ranking. How do I do that?AND you want to achieve that ranking in a "cheap" or "affordable" way...AND by "cheap" or "affordable" you mean for a total investment of $300-$500...AND you don't want to "do it yourself"...then you're PROBABLY not going to like ... Read the Full Article

Google Adwords is Not for the Faint of Heart or “Tight of Budget”

Buyer’s Remorse… A second title to this post could be, "Be Careful or Google will take your money and RUN!"A THIRD title could be, "If you're thinking of running your own Google Adword Campaign, think again."Now that I've gotten ALL of that negativity out of the way, let me preface the REST of this post by saying that I would still recommend spending money with Google Adwords for many clients. I will STILL spend some money with them myself - for our own website. However, I will also state emphatically that you have to be nearly "Solomon WISE" to consider all ... Read the Full Article

SEO Fitness

Search Engine Optimization is kind of like education, it's a life long process. That may sound a bit overwhelming, but it's really only logical. Nothing ever stands still, especially the internet. Does it make sense that you can do some one-time SEO work that gets you good rankings and expect those rankings to hold up for two, three, or more years? The more active your website, or "brand", is on the internet, the easier it is to maintain good rankings.Another way to think of SEO is to compare it to getting in shape. Let's say you start with a target ... Read the Full Article